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2016-12A slope and amplitude controllable triangular-current generator for the injection of a broad-band PDN noiseYoon, Changwook; Kim, Jingook; Kim, Sukjin; Kim, Kiyeong; Kim, Joungho; Kim, Heegon; Fan, JunARTICLE641
2010-04-12Analysis of mutual inductance effect between decoupling capacitors on planar power busKim, Jingook; Archambeault, Bruce; Knighten, James L.; Fan, JunCONFERENCE113
2017-01-30Analysis of On-chip Low-Dropout Regulator Induced PDN Noise at High-speed Output BufferKim, Heegon; Cho, Jonghyun; Kim, Sukjin; Yoon, Changwook; Kim, Jingook; Achkir, Brice; Fan, Jun; Lee, ManhoCONFERENCE153
2011-08-14Analytical expressions for transfer function of supply voltage fluctuation to jitter at a single-ended bufferKim, Jingook; De, Soumya; Shringarpure, Ketan; Pan, Siming; Achkir, Brice; Fan, Jun; Drewniak, James L.CONFERENCE133
2014-07Analytical probability density calculation for step pulse response of a single-ended buffer with arbitrary power-supply voltage fluctuationsKim, Jingook; Lee, Junho; Cho, Sunki; Hwang, Chulsoon; Yoon, Changwook; Fan, JunARTICLE746
2013-01Analytical Transfer Functions Relating Power and Ground Voltage Fluctuations to Jitter at a Single-Ended Full-Swing BufferHwang, Chulsoon; Kim, Jingook; Achkir, Brice; Fan, JunARTICLE994
2013-12Capacitance calculation for via structures using an integral equation method based on partial capacitanceWang, Hanfeng; Pan, Siming; Kim, Jingook; Ruehli, Albert E.; Fan, JunARTICLE829
2012-10Closed-Form Expressions for the Maximum Transient Noise Voltage Caused by an IC Switching Current on a Power Distribution NetworkKim, Jingook; Li, Liang; Wu, Songping; Wang, Hanfeng; Takita, Yuzo; Takeuchi, Hayato; Araki, Kenji; Fan, Jun; Drewniak, James L.ARTICLE931
2014-12Closed-Form Expressions for the Noise Voltage Caused by a Burst Train of IC Switching Currents on a Power Distribution NetworkKim, Jingook; Lee, Jongjoo; Ahn, Seungyoung; Fan, JunARTICLE887
2015-08Design Criteria and Error Sensitivity of Time-Domain Channel Characterization (TCC) for Asymmetry Fixture De-EmbeddingYoon, Changwook; Tsiklauri, Mikheil; Zvonkin, Mikhail; Chen, Qinghua Bill; Aflaki, Aman; Kim, Jingook; Fan, Jun; Drewniak, James L.ARTICLE1231
2014-08-03Design Criteria of Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) for Asymmetric Fixture De-embeddingKim, Jingook; Yoon, Changwook; Mikheil, Tsiklauri; Zvonkin, Mikhail; Razmadze, Alex; Aflaki, Aman; Fan, Jun; Drewniak, James; Chen. BillCONFERENCE168
2015-10-25Design of On-Chip Linear Voltage Regulator Module And Measurement of Power Distribution Network Noise Fluctuation at High-Speed Output BufferLee, Manho; Kim, Heegon; Kim, Sukjin; Kim, Joungho; Cho, Jonghyun; Yoon, Changwook; Achkir, Brice; Kim, Jingook; Fan, JunCONFERENCE122
2011-02Equivalent circuit model for power bus design in multi-layer PCBs with via arraysKim, Jingook; Shringarpure, Ketan; Fan, Jun; Kim, Joungho; Drewniak, James L.ARTICLE857
2009-10-19Extraction of equivalent inductance in package-PCB hierarchical power distribution networkKim, Jingook; Kim, Jaemin; Ren, Liehui; Fan, Jun; Kim, Joungho; Drewniak, James L.CONFERENCE125
2016-06Formulation and Network Model Reduction for Analysis of the Power Distribution Network in a Production-Level Multilayered Printed Circuit BoardShringarpure, Ketan; Pan, Siming; Kim, Jingook; Fan, Jun; Achkir, Brice; Archambeault, Bruce; Drewniak, James L.ARTICLE653
2013-09Improved target impedance for power distribution network design with power traces based on rigorous transient analysis in a handheld deviceKim, Jingook; Takita, Yuzo; Araki, Kenji; Fan, JunARTICLE776
2011-08Inductance Calculations for Plane-Pair Area Fills With Vias in a Power Distribution Network Using a Cavity Model and Partial InductancesKim, Jingook; Fan, Jun; Ruehli, Albert E.; Kim, Joungho; Drewniak, James L.ARTICLE726
2013-01-28Innovative PDN design guidelines for practical high layer-count PCBsShringarpure, Ketan; Pan, Siming; Kim, Jingook; Achkir, Brice; Archambeault, Bruce; Fan, Jun; Drewniak, James L.CONFERENCE179
2011-08-14Measurement of multiple switching current components through a bulk decoupling capacitor using a lab-made low-cost current probeKim, Jingook; Li, Liang; Wang, Hanfeng; Wu, Songping; Takita, Yuzo; Takeuchi, Hayato; Araki, Kenji; Fan, JunCONFERENCE128
2015-08Metabolic Rewiring by Oncogenic BRAF V600E Links Ketogenesis Pathway to BRAF-MEK1 SignalingKang, Hee-Bum; Fan, Jun; Lin, Ruiting; Elf, Shannon; Ji, Quanjiang; Zhao, Liang; Jin, Lingtao; Seo, Jae Ho; Shan, Changliang; Arbiser, Jack L.; Cohen, Cynthia; Brat, Daniel; Miziorko, Henry M.; Kim, Eunhee; Abdel-Wahab, Omar; Merghoub, Taha; Froehling, Stefan; Scholl, Claudia; Tamayo, Pablo; Barbie, David A.; Zhou, Lu; Pollack, Brian P.; Fisher, Kevin; Kudchadkar, Ragini R.; Lawson, David H.; Sica, Gabriel; Rossi, Michael; Lonial, Sagar; Khoury, Hanna J.; Khuri, Fadlo R.; Lee, Benjamin H.; Boggon, Titus J.; He, Chuan; Kang, Sumin; Chen, JingARTICLE787
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29