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2003-032.5 Gbit/s/channel laser driver design for four-channel parallel optic transceiver using SiGeBiCMOS technologyKim, YG; Bien, Franklin; Chang, JJ; Robinson, MA; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE1263
2022-01-26A 0.61-pJ/bit and 6-Gb/s Receiverfor MIPI D-PHY Standard v1.1Kim, Woojung; Do, Jiwoon; Lee, Myunghee; Kim, Jae JoonCONFERENCE197
2013-05-21A 10-bit Linear R-string DAC Architecture for Mobile Full-HD AMOLED Driver ICsKim, Ki-Duk; Park, Chang-Byung; Lee, Sung-Woo; Park, Gyu-Sung; Cho, Gyu-Hyeong; Kim, Jeongpyo; Kim, Jinbong; Choi, Yoon-Kyung; Kim, Jongseon; Hwang, Gyoocheol; Lee, MyungheeCONFERENCE142
2021-08A 10-MHz Current-Mode AOT Boost Converter With Dual-Ramp Modulation Scheme and Translinear Loop-Based Current Sensor for WiFi IoT ApplicationsHong, Woojin; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE259
2020-05-11A 10-MHz Current-mode Constant On-time Boost Converter with a Translinear Loop-based Current SensorHong, Woojin; Lee, MyungheeCONFERENCE132
1997-02A 100 Mbps LED through-wafer optoelectronic link for multicomputer interconnection networksMay, Phil; Lee, Myunghee; Wilkinson, Scott T.; Vendier, Olivier; Ho, Zhuang; Bond, Steven W.; Wills, D. Scott; Brooke, Martin; Jokerst, Nan M.; Brown, AprilARTICLE819
2009-03A 12-bit segmented resistor-capacitor digital-to-analog converter for a display driver IC of a large TFT-LCD panel systemYoo, Seongjong; Song, Yongjoo; Jung, Jiwoon; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE855
2022-02A 15-25-MHz and 1-mu s/0.4-A Load Response AOT Boost Converter Using an Accurate Feedforward-Path Current SensorHong, Woojin; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE204
1995-06A 3-DIMENSIONAL HIGH-THROUGHPUT ARCHITECTURE USING THROUGH-WAFER OPTICAL INTERCONNECTWILLS, D. Scott; Lacy, W. Stephen; Camperi-Ginestet, Christophe; Buchanan, Brent; Cat, Huy H.; Wilkinson, Scott; Lee, Myunghee; Jokerst, Nan Marie; Brooke, Martin A.ARTICLE891
2020-12A 7.4-MHz Tri-mode DC-DC Buck Converter with Load Current Prediction Scheme and Seamless Mode Transition for IoT ApplicationsHong, Woojin; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE428
2021-10A 92-mu W/Gbps Self-Biased SLVS Receiver for MIPI D-PHY ApplicationsKim, Woojoong; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE209
2018-02A BLDC Motor Controller Design for A Low Audible NoiseLee, Myunghee; Lee, KyounghuiMaster's thesis619
2016-08A CAN Transceiver for a Smart Output ASIC of Automotive Electronic Control Units: Design, Implementation, and MeasurementLee, Myunghee; Jo, Won-HeeMaster's thesis802
2012-02-19A capacitive touch controller robust to display noise for ultrathin touch screen displaysLee, Myunghee; Kim, Ki-Duk; Byun, San-Ho; Choi, Yoon-Kyung; Baek, Jong-Hak; Cho, Hwa-Hyun; Park, Jong-Kang; Ahn, Hae-Yong; Lee, Chang-Ju; Cho, Min-Soo; Lee, Joo-Hyeon; Kim, Sang-Woo; Kwon, Hyung-Dal; Choi, Yong-Yeob; Na, Hosuk; Park, Junchul; Shin, Yeon-Joong; Jang, Kyungsuk; Hwang, GyoocheolCONFERENCE186
2006-12A current-mode display driver IC using sample-and-hold scheme for QVGA full-color a MOLED displaysBaek, Jong Hak; Lee, Myunghee; Lee, Jae Hoon; Pae, Han Su; Lee, Chang Ju; Kim, Jin Tae; Choi, Chang Sik; Kim, Hong Kwon; Kim, Tae Jin; Chung, Ho KyoonARTICLE856
2009-12A Piecewise Linear 10 Bit DAC Architecture With Drain Current Modulation for Compact LCD Driver ICsJeon, Yong-Joon; Lee, Hyung-Min; Lee, Sung-Woo; Cho, Gyu-Hyeong; Kim, Hyoung Rae; Choi, Yoon-Kyung; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE810
2010-02A reduced-voltage differential signaling (RVDS) interface for chip-on-glass TFT-LCD applicationsLim, Jung-Pil; Baek, Donghoon; Lee, Jae-Youl; Choi, Yoon-Kyung; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE914
2018-03A Stepwise Split Power-Driving Scheme With Automatic Slope Control for EMC-Enhanced LIN TransceiverKim, Seungmok; Kim, Daewung; Lee, Kwangmuk; Lee, Myunghee; Kim, Jae JoonARTICLE1009
1999-03A three-layer 3-D silicon system using through-Si vertical optical interconnections and SiCMOS hybrid building blocksBond, Steve W.; Vendier, Olivier; Lee, Myunghee; Jung, Sungyong; Vrazel, Michael; Lopez-Lagunas, Abelardo; Chai, Sek; Dagnall, Georgianna; Brooke, Martin; Jokerst, Nan Marie; Wills, D. Scott; Brown, AprilARTICLE698
2022-04Active-Matrix Pixelated-LED Control System for Automotive HeadlampsJeon, Wungki; Hwang, Sungho; Kim, Jae Joon; Lee, MyungheeARTICLE210
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