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2020-10-062D to 3D transformation of pen-drawingLee, Sumin; Song, Seo Woo; Choe, Jun Kyu; Kim, Na-Hyang; Kang, Junwon; Kim, Ju-Young; Kwon, Sunghoon; Kim, JiyunCONFERENCE171
2020-06A fidget spinner for the point-of-care diagnosis of urinary tract infectionMichael, Issac; Kim, Dongyoung; Gulenko, Oleksandra; Kumar, Sumit; Kumar, Saravana; Clara, Jothi; Ki, Dong Yeob; Park, Juhee; Jeong, Hyun Yong; Kim, Taek Soo; Kwon, Sunghoon; Cho, Yoon-KyoungARTICLE144
2011-11Color tunable surface using superparamagnetic nanocomposite materialKim, Jiyun; Lee, Howon; Kwon, SunghoonCONFERENCE42
2010-09Colour-barcoded magnetic microparticles for multiplexed bioassaysLee, Howon; Kim, Junhoi; Kim, Hyoki; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE754
2021-03Direct 2D-to-3D transformation of pen drawingsSong, Seo Woo; Lee, Sumin; Choe, Jun Kyu; Kim, Na-Hyang; Kang, Junwon; Lee, Amos Chungwon; Choi, Yeongjae; Choi, Ahyoun; Jeong, Yunjin; Lee, Wooseok; Kim, Ju-Young; Kwon, Sunghoon; Kim, JiyunARTICLE34
2015-07Fiber composite slices for multiplexed immunoassaysKim, Jiyun; Bae, Sangwook; Song, Seowoo; Chung, Keumsim; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE689
2011-08In Situ Fabrication and Actuation of Polymer Magnetic MicrostructuresChung, Su Eun; Kim, Jiyun; Choi, Sung-Eun; Kim, Lily Nari; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE671
2017-02Liquid-capped encoded microcapsules for multiplex assaySong, Younghoon; Jeong, Yunjin; Kwon, Taehong; Lee, Daewon; Oh, Dong Yoon; Park, Tae-Joon; Kim, Junhoi; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE516
2013-03Magnetochromatic Microactuators for a Micropixellated Color-Changing SurfaceKim, Jiyun; Choi, Sung-Eun; Lee, Howon; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE677
2011-05-02Micro-pixellated Blue/Brown Color Changing Surface using Magnetically Actuated Nanocomposite ActuatorsKim, Jiyun; Lee, Howon; Kwon, SunghoonCONFERENCE56
2020-02Microspinning: Local Surface Mixing via Rotation of Magnetic Microparticles for Efficient Small-Volume BioassaysKim, Su Deok; Song, Seo Woo; Oh, Dong Yoon; Lee, Amos Chungwon; Koo, Jeong Woo; Kang, Taehun; Kim, Min Chang; Lee, Changhee; Jeong, Yunjin; Jeong, Hyun Yong; Lee, Daewon; Cho, Seongkyu; Kwon, Sunghoon; Kim, JiyunARTICLE175
2019-10-30New 4D printing using Dry-Erase markerSong, Seo Woo; Lee, Sumin; Choe, Jun Kyu; Kang, Junwon; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SunghoonCONFERENCE60
2019-02One-Step Generation of a Drug-Releasing Hydrogel Microarray-On-A-Chip for Large-Scale Sequential Drug Combination ScreeningSong, Seo Woo; Kim, Su Deok; Oh, Dong Yoon; Lee, Yongju; Lee, Amos Chungwon; Jeong, Yunjin; Bae, Hyung Jong; Lee, Daewon; Lee, Sumin; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE397
2019-01-30One-step generation of drug-releasing microarray for high-throughput screening of sequential drug combinationsSong, Seo Woo; Kim, Su Deok; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SunghoonCONFERENCE42
2014-03One-step pipetting and assembly of encoded chemical-laden microparticles for high-throughput multiplexed bioassaysChung, Su Eun; Kim, Jiyun; Oh, Dong Yoon; Song, Younghoon; Lee, Sung Hoon; Min, Seungki; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE662
2009-10Optofluidic encapsulation and manipulation of silicon microchips using image processing based optofluidic maskless lithography and railed microfluidicsChung, Su Eun; Lee, Seung Ah; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE761
2010-05-19Optofluidic in situ Fabrication of Magnetic Actuators in Microfluidic ChannelChung, Su Eun; Kim, Jiyun; Min, Seungki; Kim, Nari Lily; Kwon, SunghoonCONFERENCE33
2012-02-07Partipetting & Spinning Color Barcoded Microparticles for Ultraplex Bio-assayKwon, Sunghoon; Chung, Su Eun; Lee, Howon; Song, Younghoon; Kim, Junhoi; Kim, Hyoki; Kim, Jiyun; Kim, Eun-Geun; Choi, YongjoonCONFERENCE43
2011-10Programming magnetic anisotropy in polymeric microactuatorsKim, Jiyun; Chung, Su Eun; Choi, Sung-Eun; Lee, Howon; Kim, Junhoi; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE651
2015-08Shape-encoded silica microparticles for multiplexed bioassaysKim, Lily Nari; Kim, Mira; Jung, Keumsim; Bae, Hyung Jong; Jang, Jisung; Jung, Yushin; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE589
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