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2015-01-28A fast statistical eye-diagram estimation method for high-speed channel including non-linear receiver circuitKim, H; Kim, K; Kim, Jingook; Yoon, C; Kim, H; Kim, JJ; Kim, JCONFERENCE407
2006-04A field effect transistor fabricated with metallic single-walled carbon nanotubesNa, PS; Park, Noejung; Kim, J; Kim, H; Kong, KJ; Chang, H; Lee, JOARTICLE1070
2004-09-26A rapid micro polymerase chain reaction system (GenSpector (R) micro PCR) for Hepatitis B virus DNA detectionCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Oh, KW; Kim, J; Kim, S; Ock, KS; Namkoong, K; Yoo, K; Park, C; Lee, Y; Kim, YA; Han, J.; Lim, H; Kim, J; Yoon, D; Lim, G; Kim, SS; Hwang, JJ; Pak, YECONFERENCE334
2019-07-08Analysis of MHD stability and active mode control on KSTAR for disruption prediction and avoidancePark, YS; Sabbagh, SA; Park, BH; Ahn, JH; Berkery, JW; Kim, HS; Kang, JS; Jiang, Y; Bialek, JM; Kim, J; Lee, JH; Choi, MJ; Han, HS.; Hahn, SH; Jeon, YM; Ko, WH; Ko, JS; Kwak, JG; Yoon, SW; Park, Hyeon Keo; Wang, ZR; Park, JK; Ferraro, NMCONFERENCE525
2015-01Analytical approaches for worst and statistical eye estimation in HBM channelKim, K; Kim, Jingook; Kim, H; Kim, H; Kim, J; Kim, JCONFERENCE316
2006-01Atomic layer deposition of low-resistivity and high-density tungsten nitride thin films using B2H6, WF6, and NH3Kim, Soo-Hyun; Kim, JK; Kwak, N; Sohn, H; Kim, J; Jung, SH; Hong, MR; Lee, SH; Collins, JARTICLE84
2010-10Bio-chemical reaction enhancement using magnetic axis controlled spinning microparticles with structural color barcodeLee, H; Kim, H; Kim, J; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SCONFERENCE362
2023-02-08Boosting square tensile strain to promote 4-variants in-plane ferroelectricity and switchable ternary polar statesOh, Yoon Seok; Lee, JH; Duong, NX; Jung, MH; Lee, HJ; Kim, A; Yeo, Y; Kim, J; Kim, GH; Cho, BG; Kim, J; Naqvi, FUH; Kim, J; Ahn, CW; Kim, YM; Song, TK; Ko, JH; Koo, TY; Sohn, C; Park, K; Yang, CH; Yang, SM; Lee, JH; Jeong, HY; Kim, THCONFERENCE396
2009-10-21Centrifugal Microfluidics for Biomedical ApplicationsGorkin, R; Park, J; Siegrist, J; Amasia, M; Lee, BS; Park, JM; Kim, J; Kim, H; Madou, Mark; Cho, Yoon-KyoungCONFERENCE322
2019-08-11Chemical analysis of air pollutant particulate matters based on surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)Lee, JS; Ahn, Y; Kim, J; Kim, J; Nam, SH; Yu, SC; Shin, HH; Jung, T; Kim, EA; Suh, YD; Kim, HW; Park, Hyeong‐RyeolCONFERENCE514
2006-05Clinical evaluation of micro-scale chip-based PCR system for rapid detection of hepatitis B virusCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Kim, J; Lee, Y; Kim, YA; Namkoong, K; Lim, H; Oh, KW; Kim, S; Han, J; Park, C; Pak, YE; Ki, CS; Choi, JR; Myeong, HK; Ko, CARTICLE1183
2017-07Cobll1 is linked to drug resistance and blastic transformation in chronic myeloid leukemiaHan, SH; Kim, SH; Kim, HJ; Lee, Y; Choi, SY; Park, G; Kim, DH; Lee, A; Kim, J; Choi, JM; Kim, Y; Myung, Kyungjae; Kim, Hongtae; Kim, DWARTICLE1189
2006-08-14Compensation of undesired channel effects by frequency domain optimization of pre-emphasis filter for over Gbps signalingKim, Jingook; Lee, J; Song, E; Jo, J; Kim, JCONFERENCE295
2004-06-01Coupling of simultaneous switching noise to interconnecting lines in high-speed systemsKim, J; Rotaru, MD; Chong, KC; Park, J; Iyer, MK; Kim, JCONFERENCE334
2004Cryptanalysis of a divisor class group based Public-Key CryptosystemYun, Aaram; Kim, J; Lee, DHARTICLE1047
2006-08-14Design and analysis of improved multi-module memory bus using Wilkinson power dividerKim, Jingook; Song, E; Kim, J; Kim, J; Sung, M; Kim, J; So, BCONFERENCE285
2003-09Design, synthesis, and electroluminescent property of CN-poly(dihexylfluorenevinylene) for LEDsJin, Y; Ju, J; Kim, J; Lee, S; Kim, Jin Young; Park, SH; Son, SM; Jin, SH; Lee, K; Suh, HARTICLE1076
2006-03Dynamic automated DNA hybridization on a CD (compact disc) fluidic platformJia, GY; Ma, KS; Kim, J; Zoval, JV; Peytavi, R; Bergeron, MG; Madou, MarkARTICLE1114
2005-08Effects of B2H6 pretreatment on ALD of W film using a sequential supply of WF6 and SiH4Kim, Soo-Hyun; Hwang, ES; Kim, BM; Lee, JW; Sun, HJ; Hong, TE; Kim, JK; Sohn, H; Kim, J; Yoon, Tae-SikARTICLE792
2005-11Effects on signal integrity and radiated emission by split reference plane on high-speed multilayer printed circuit boardsKim, Jingook; Lee, H; Kim, JARTICLE1100
Showing results 1 to 20 of 80