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2015-022,2-dimethyl-2H-benzimidazole based small molecules for organic solar cellsKim, Juae; Shim, Joo Young; Song, Seyeong; Kim, Jinwoo; Kim, Il; Kim, Jin Young; Suh, HongsukARTICLE1096
2007-11A blue-light-emitting polymer with a rigid backbone for enhanced color stabilityPark, Sung Heum; Jin, Youngeup; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Sun Hee; Kim, Jinwoo; Suh, Hongsuk; Lee, KwangheeARTICLE926
2016-09Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Estimation from CryoSat-2 Satellite Data Using Machine Learning-Based Lead DetectionLee, Sanggyun; Im, Jungho; Kim, Jinwoo; Kim, Miae; Shin, Minso; Kim, Hyun-cheol; Quackenbush, Lindi J.ARTICLE647
2021-11Bridging TCAD and AI: Its Application to Semiconductor DesignJeong, Changwook; Myung, Sanghoon; Huh, In; Choi, Byungseon; Kim, Jinwoo; Jang, Hyunjae; Lee, Hojoon; Park, Daeyoung; Lee, Kyuhun; Jang, Wonik; Ryu, Jisu; Cha, Moon-Hyun; Choe, Jae Myung; Shim, Munbo; Kim, Dae SinARTICLE11
2006Culturability in Mobile Data Services: A Qualitative Study of the Relationship between Cultural Characteristics and User-Experience AttributesChoi, Bo Reum; Lee, Inseong; Kim, JinwooARTICLE891
2007-06Culture-technology fit: Effects of cultural characteristics on the post-adoption beliefs of mobile internet usersLee, Inseong; Choi, Bo Reum; Kim, Jinwoo; Hong, Se-JoonARTICLE1279
2007Developing and Applying a New Methodology for Value-Centered HCI: Focusing on User Experience Structure of Mobile Data ServiceLee, Inseong; Choi, Bo Reum; Kim, Jinwoo; Lee, Kiho; Jung, SeungkiARTICLE1259
2004Exploring E-Business Implications of the Mobile Internet: A Cross-National Survey in Hong Kong, Japan and KoreaKim, Jinwoo; Lee, Inseong; Lee, Yeonsoo; Choi, Bo Reum; Hong, Sejun; Kar Yan Tam ; Kazuaki Naruse ; Yumi Maeda ARTICLE823
2017-06-22Investigation of the Probe-Factor Deconvolution Methods for Dynamic ESD Fields MeasurementsPark, Myungjoon; Choi, Joungcheul; Kim, Jinwoo; Jeong, Seonghoon; Seung, Manho; Lee, Seokkiu; Kim, JingookCONFERENCE140
2015-03Landfast sea ice monitoring using multisensor fusion in the AntarcticKim, Miae; Im, Jungho; Han, Hyangsun; Kim, Jinwoo; Lee, Sanggyun; Shin, Minso; Kim, Hyun-CheolARTICLE1037
2019-09Light-Responsive, Shape-Switchable Block Copolymer ParticlesLee, Junhyuk; Ku, Kang Hee; Kim, Jinwoo; Lee, Young Jun; Jang, Se Gyu; Kim, Bumjoon J.ARTICLE16
2019-02Measurement and Analysis of Statistical IC Operation Errors in a Memory Module Due to System-Level ESD NoisePark, Myungjoon; Park, Junsik; Choi, Jongcheul; Kim, Jinwoo; Jeong, Seonghoon; Seung, Manho; Lee, Seokkiu; Kim, JingookARTICLE553
2018-09-23Measurement and analysis of system-level ESD-indauced soft failures of a sense amplifier flip-flop with pseudo differential inputsJeong, Myeongjo; Park, Junsik; Kim, Jinwoo; Seung, Manho; Lee, Seokkiu; Kim, JingookCONFERENCE130
2020-10Measurement and Analysis of System-Level ESD-Induced Jitter in a Delay-Locked LoopJeong, Myeongjo; Shin, Minchul; Kim, Jinwoo; Seung, Manho; Lee, Seokkiu; Kim, JingookARTICLE369
2018-12Mechanistic Study on the Shape Transition of Block Copolymer Particles Driven by Length-Controlled Nanorod SurfactantsKu, Kang Hee; Ryu, Ji Ho; Kim, Jinwoo; Yun, Hongseok; Nam, Chongyong; Shin, Jae Man; Kim, Youngkwon; Jang, Se Gyu; Lee, Won Bo; Kim, Bumjoon J.ARTICLE16
2017-03Molecular beam epitaxy of large-area SnSe2 with monolayer thickness fluctuationPark, Young Woon; Jerng, Sahng-Kyoon; Jeon, Jae Ho; Roy, Sanjib Baran; Akbar, Kamran; Kim, Jeong; Sim, Yumin; Seong, Maeng-Je; Kim, Jung Hwa; Lee, Zonghoon; Kim, Minju; Yi, Yeonjin; Kim, Jinwoo; Noh, Do Young; Chun, Seung-HyunARTICLE1085
2012-02Novel 4,7-Dithien-2-yl-2,1,3-benzothiadiazole-based Conjugated Copolymers with Cyano Group in Vinylene Unit for Photovoltaic ApplicationsKim, Jinwoo; Heo, Mihee; Jin, Youngeup; Kim, Jaehong; Shim, Joo Young; Song, Suhee; Kim, Il; Kim, Jin Young; Suh, HongsukARTICLE1067
2019-05Partially reduced graphene oxide as a support of Mn-Ce/TiO2 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3Ye, Bora; Lee, Minwoo; Jeong, Bora; Kim, Jinwoo; Lee, Duck Hyun; Baik, Jeong Min; Kim, Hong-DaeARTICLE700
2019-12PCNA Unloading Is Negatively Regulated by BET ProteinsKang, Mi-Sun; Kim, Jinwoo; Ryu, Eunjin; Ha, Na Young; Hwang, Sunyoung; Kim, Byung-Gyu; Ra, Jae Sun; Kim, Yeong Jae; Hwang, Jung Me; Myung, Kyungjae; Kang, SukhyunARTICLE347
2020-08PCNA unloading is negatively regulated by BET proteinsMyung, Kyungjae; Kim, JinwooMaster's thesis328
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33