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2005-05An interface-proximity model for switchable interfacial uncompensated antiferromagnetic spins and their role in exchange biasLee, Ki-Suk; Yu, YS; Kim, SKARTICLE721
2000-07Anomalous fragmentation of hydrated clusters of DNA base adenine in UV photoionizationKim, NJ; Kang, H; Jeong, G; Kim, Yung Sam; Lee, KT; Kim, SKARTICLE738
2003-11Atomic-scale depth selectivity of soft x-ray resonant Kerr effectLee, Ki-Suk; Kim, SK; Kortright, JBARTICLE713
2001-04Even-odd alternation in mass spectrum of thymine and uracil clusters: Evidence of intracluster photodimerizationKim, NJ; Kang, H; Jeong, G; Kim, Yung Sam; Lee, KT; Kim, SKARTICLE780
2002-08Hydration of DNA base cations in the gas phaseKim, NJ; Kim, Yung Sam; Jeong, G; Ahn, TK; Kim, SKARTICLE798
2001-10Intracluster photodimerization of thymine: Size-dependent modes of cluster ion fragmentationKim, NJ; Kang, H; Jeong, G; Kim, Yung Sam; Lee, KT; Kim, SKARTICLE669
2005-08Performance and thermal stability of LiCoO2 cathode modified with ionic liquidLee, Sang-Young; Yong, HH; Kim, SK; Kim, JY; Ahn, SHARTICLE691
2005-02Pleckstrin homology domains of phospholipase C-gamma 1 directly interact with beta-tubulin for activation of phospholipase C-gamma 1 and reciprocal modulation of beta-tubulin function in microtubule assemblyChang, JS; Kim, SK; Kwon, TK; Bae, SS; Min, DS; Lee, YH; Kim, SO; Seo, Jeong Kon; Choi, Jang Hyun; Suh, Pann-GhillARTICLE780
2004-11Point mutations in the split PLC-gamma 1 PH domain modulate phosphoinositide bindingKim, SK; Wee, SM; Chang, JS; Kwon, TK; Min, DS; Lee, YH; Suh, Pann-GhillARTICLE635
2004-11Preparation of micro-porous gel polymer for lithium ion polymer batteryKim, JY; Kim, SK; Lee, SJ; Lee, Sang-Young; Lee, HM; Ahn, SARTICLE785
2005-11Radiation of spin waves from magnetic vortex cores by their dynamic motion and annihilation processesLee, Ki-Suk; Choi, S; Kim, SKARTICLE832
2000-12Resonant two-photon ionization and laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy of jet-cooled adenineKim, NJ; Jeong, G; Kim, Yung Sam; Sung, J; Kim, SK; Park, YDARTICLE657
2006-05Soft x-ray polarizer for optical productions of any orthogonal state of the linear and circular polarization modesJeong, DE; Lee, Ki-Suk; Kim, SKARTICLE667
2004-07Soft X-ray resonant Kerr effect as a depth-sensitive probe of heteromagnetic nanostructuresLee, Ki-Suk; Kim, SKARTICLE632
2005-03Soft X-ray resonant Kerr rotation measurement and simulation of element-resolved and interface-sensitive magnetization reversals in a NiFe/FeMn/Co trilayer structureKim, SK; Lee, Ki-Suk; Kortright, JBARTICLE694
2005-04Soft x-ray resonant magneto-optical Kerr effect as a depth-sensitive probe of magnetic heterogeneity: A simulation approachLee, Ki-Suk; Jeong, DE; Kim, SK; Kortright, JBARTICLE699
2004-12Soft x-ray resonant magneto-optical Kerr effect as a depth-sensitive probe of magnetic heterogeneity: Its application to resolve helical spin structures using linear p polarizationLee, Ki-Suk; Kim, SK; Kortright, JBARTICLE705
2005-07Two-cation competition in ionic-liquid-modified electrolytes for lithium ion batteriesLee, Sang-Young; Yong, HH; Lee, YJ; Kim, SK; Ahn, SARTICLE719
2005-01Vortex-antivortex assisted magnetization dynamics in a semi-continuous thin-film model system studied by micromagnetic simulationsKim, SK; Lee, Ki-Suk; Kang, BW; Lee, KJ; Kortright, JBARTICLE803
2004-08Vortex-antivortex pair driven magnetization dynamics studied by micromagnetic simulationsLee, Ki-Suk; Kang, BW; Yu, YS; Kim, SKARTICLE684
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