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2015-11-13A Microfluidic Platform for Programmable Cell Culture EnvironmentsKim, Taesung; Kim, Minseok; Lim, Ji WonCONFERENCE112
2010-04-29A Novel Microfluidic Device for Generating Multi-concentration GradientsKim, Taesung; Kim, MinseokCONFERENCE125
2013-10-27A Pdms-Sealed Hydrogel Device For Rapid And Accuarate Generation Of Various Concentration GradientsKim, Taesung; Kim, Minseok; Jia, MingjieCONFERENCE136
2011-06-05Amplification of chemotactic responses of motile bacterial cells for characterizing preferential chemotaxis toward carbon sourcesKim, Taesung; Kim, Minseok; Kim, Su Hyun; Lee, Sung KukCONFERENCE122
2014-10Aptamer-functionalized microtubules for continuous and selective concentration of target analytesKim, Minseok; Kim, TaesungARTICLE996
2013-10-27Aptamer-Funtionalized Microtubue For Contineous And Selective Capturing And Filtering Using A Nanoporous Hydrogel MembraneKim, Taesung; Kim, MinseokCONFERENCE101
2018-08-26AR/VR-based live manual for user-centric smart factory servicesKim, Minseok; Park, Kyeong-Beom; Choi, Sung Ho; Lee, Jae Yeol; Kim, Duck YoungCONFERENCE115
2011-10-02Bacterial Cell-to-cell Communication Assays in A Micro-fabricated Concentrator Array DevicePark, Seongyoung; Hong, Xiaoqiang; Kim, Minseok; Choi, W; Kim, TaesungCONFERENCE118
2011-07-02Bacterial Cell-to-Cell Communication Assays in A Microfabricated Concentrator Array DeviceKim, Taesung; Park, Seongyoung; Hong, Xiaoqiang; Kim, Minseok; Choi, Woon SunCONFERENCE103
2011-04-28Bacterial Cell-to-Cell Communication Assays in Microfabricated Concentrator Array DeviceKim, Taesung; Park, Seongyong; Hong, Xiaoqiang; Kim, Minseok; Choi, WoonsunCONFERENCE104
2011-11-03Capillary Based Microfabrication of Nanoporous Materials for Various Sample ConcentrationKim, Taesung; Kim, MinseokCONFERENCE84
2010-04-29Characterizing Food Preference of E.coli for Enhanced Biofuel ProductionKim, Su Hyun; Park, Seongyong; Kim, Minseok; Lee, Sung Kuk; Kim, TaesungCONFERENCE94
2015-11-04Chemostat-like Microfluidic Platform for Highly Sensitive Detection of Heavy Metal Ions Using Microbial BiosensorsKim, Taesung; Lim, Ji Won; Kim, Minseok; Lee, Sung Kuk; Lee, Sang Jun; Kim, Hyun JuCONFERENCE120
2015-03Chemostat-like microfluidic platform for highly sensitive detection of heavy metal ions using microbial biosensorsKim, Minseok; Lim, Ji Won; Kim, Hyun Ju; Lee, Sung Kuk; Lee, Sang Jun; Kim, TaesungARTICLE1722
2019-10-30Combinational Diffusiophoretic and Electrophoretic Nanoparticle SeparationLee, Kyunghun; Lee, Jongwan; Ha, Dogyeong; Kim, Minseok; Kim, TaesungCONFERENCE151
2015-11-11Crack Photolithography for NanofluidicsKim, Taesung; Kim, Minseok; Ha, DokyungCONFERENCE83
2015-11-16Crack-photolithography for Controlled Biological Assays in Micro and Nanofluidic DevicesKim, Taesung; Kim, MinseokCONFERENCE92
2015-11Crack-photolithography for Membrane-free Diffusion-based Micro/Nanofluidic DevicesKim, Minseok; Kim, TaesungARTICLE925
2015-10-28Crack-photolithography for nanopatterning and nano-bio applicationsKim, Taesung; Kim, MinseokCONFERENCE82
Showing results 1 to 20 of 48