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2015-05-30Direct conversion of fibroblast into Oligodendrocyte progenitor cellsKim, Jeong Beom; Lee, Hyunah; Park, Myung Rae; Nam, Donggyu; Araúzo‐Bravo, Marcos J; Zaehres, HolmCONFERENCE119
2015-10-21Direct lineage conversion of fibroblasts into oligodendrocyte progenitor cell for spinal cord injury applicationKim, Jeong Beom; Lee, Hyunah; Araúzo‐Bravo, Marcos J; Nam, Donggyu; Park, Myung Rae; Zaehres, HolmCONFERENCE119
2015-12-18Direct lineage conversion of fibroblasts into oligodendrocyte progenitor cellsKim, Jeong Beom; Lee, Hyunah; Park, Myung Rae; Nam, Donggyu; Araúzo‐Bravo, Marcos J; Zaehres, HolmCONFERENCE163
2020-02Direct monitoring of live human pluripotent stem cells by a highly selective pluripotency sensorPark, Myung Rae; Nam, Donggyu; Lee, Hyunah; Chang, Young-Tae; Zaehres, Holm; Kim, Jeong BeomARTICLE211
2009-10Direct reprogramming of human neural stem cells by OCT4Kim, Jeong Beom; Greber, Boris; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Meyer, Johann; Park, Kook In; Zaehres, Holm; Schoeler, Hans R.ARTICLE959
2015-01Erythroid differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells is independent of donor cell type of originKim, Jeong Beom; Dorn, Isabel; Klich, Katharina; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Radstaak, Martina; Santourlidis, Simeon; Ghanjati, Foued; Radke, Teja F.; Psathaki, Olympia E.; Hargus, Gunnar; Kramer, Jan; Einhaus, Martin; Kogler, G esine; Wernet, Peter; Scholer, Hans R.; Schlenke, Peter; Zaehres, HolmARTICLE1558
2016-02Establishment of feeder-free culture system for human induced pluripotent stem cell on DAS nanocrystalline grapheneLee, Hyunah; Nam, Donggyu; Choi, Jae Kyung; Araúzo‐Bravo, Marcos J; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Zaehres, Holm; Lee, Taehee; Park, Chan Young; Kang, Hyun Wook; Hans Robert Shoeler; Kim, Jeong BeomARTICLE1430
2016-02Factor-Reduced Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Efficiently Differentiate into Neurons Independent of the Number of Reprogramming FactorsHermann, Andreas; Kim, Jeong Beom; Srimasorn, Sumitra; Zaehres, Holm; Reinhardt, Peter; Shoeler, Hans Robert; Storch, AlexanderARTICLE1015
2009-10Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from neural stem cellsKim, Jeong Beom; Zaehres, Holm; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Schoeler, Hans R.ARTICLE955
2010-08Induced pluripotent stem cellsZaehres, Holm; Kim, Jeong Beom; Scholer, Hans R.ARTICLE1011
2010-09Induction of pluripotency in human cord blood unrestricted somatic stem cellsZaehres, Holm; Koegler, Gesine; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Bleidissel, Martina; Santourlidis, Simeon; Weinhold, Sandra; Greber, Boris; Kim, Jeong Beom; Buchheiser, Anja; Liedtke, Stefanie; Eilken, Hanna M.; Graffmann, Nina; Zhao, Xiaoyi; Meyer, Johann; Reinhardt, Peter; Burr, Boris; Waclawczyk, Simon; Ortmeier, Claudia; Uhrberg, Markus; Schoeler, Hans R.; Cantz, Tobias; Wernet, PeterARTICLE1016
2019-08Oct4 and Hnf4 alpha-induced hepatic stem cells ameliorate chronic liver injury in liver fibrosis modelPark, Myung Rae; Wong, Man Sze; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Lee, Hyunah; Nam, Donggyu; Park, Soo Yong; Seo, Hong Dae; Lee, Sang Min; Zeilhofer, Hans Florian; Zaehres, Holm; Schoeler, Hans R.; Kim, Jeong BeomARTICLE333
2015-12Oct4-induced oligodendrocyte progenitor cells enhance functional recovery in spinal cord injury modelKim, Jeong Beom; Lee, Hyunah; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J; Hwang, Kyujin; Nam, Donggyu; Park, Myung Rae; Zaehres, Holm; Park, Kook In; Lee, Seok-JinARTICLE875
2009-02Oct4-Induced Pluripotency in Adult Neural Stem CellsKim, Jeong Beom; Sebastiano, Vittorio; Wu, Guangming; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Sasse, Philipp; Gentile, Luca; Ko, Kinarm; Ruau, David; Ehrich, Mathias; van den Boom, Dirk; Meyer, Johann; Huebner, Karin; Bernemann, Christof; Ortmeier, Claudia; Zenke, Martin; Fleischmann, Bernd K.; Zaehres, Holm; Schoeler, Hans R.ARTICLE966
2014-09Origin-dependent neural cell identities in differentiated human iPSCs in vitro and after transplantation into the mouse brainHargus, Gunnar; Ehrlich, Marc; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Hemmer, Kathrin; Hallmann, Anna-Lena; Reinhardt, Peter; Kim, Kee-Pyo; Adachi, Kenjiro; Santourlidis, Simeon; Ghanjati, Foued; Fauser, Mareike; Ossig, Christiana; Storch, Alexander; Kim, Jeong Beom; Schwamborn, Jens C.; Sterneckert, Jared; Scholer, Hans R.; Kuhlmann, Tanja; Zaehres, HolmARTICLE1032
2008-07Pluripotent stem cells induced from adult neural stem cells by reprogramming with two factorsKim, Jeong Beom; Zaehres, Holm; Wu, Guangming; Gentile, Luca; Ko, Kinarm; Sebastiano, Vittorio; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Ruau, David; Han, Dong Wook; Zenke, Martin; Schoeler, Hans R.ARTICLE797
2013-08-22RED BLOOD CELL GENERATION FROM HUMAN INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS OF DIFFERENT DONOR CELL TYPE ORIGINDorn, Isabel; Klich, Katharina; Radstaak, Martina; Psathaki, Katherina; Arauzo-Bravo, Marcos; Burr, Boris; Kim, Jeong Beom; Kramer, Jan; Schoeler, Hans; Zaehres, HolmCONFERENCE129
2020-06Sequentially induced motor neurons from human fibroblasts facilitate locomotor recovery in a rodent spinal cord injury modelLee, Hyunah; Lee, Hye Yeong; Lee, Byeong Eun; Gerovska, Daniela; Park, Soo Yong; Zaehres, Holm; Araúzo-Bravo, Marcos J; Kim, Jae-Ick; Ha, Yoon; Schöler, Hans R; Kim, Jeong BeomARTICLE340
2014-10-21Single Transcription Facotr-induced Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells Improve Recovery of Contusive Spinal Cord Injury ModelLee, Hyunah; Park, Myung Rae; Araúzo‐Bravo, Marcos J; Park, Soo Yong; Lee, Seung Hun; Zaehres, Holm; Park, Kook In; Lee, Taehee; Lee, Seok-Jin; Kim, Jeong BeomCONFERENCE100
2014-08-28Single transcription factor-induced oligodendrocyte progenitor cells improve functional recovery in spinal cord injury modelPark, Myung Rae; Lee, Hyunah; Araúzo‐Bravo, Marcos J; Park, Soo Yong; Zaehres, Holm; Park, Kook In; Lee, Tae hee; Lee, Seok-Jin; Kim, Jeong BeomCONFERENCE99
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20