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2014-11-12A 0.5-V Sub-μW/Channel Neural Recording IC with Delta-Modulation-Based Spike DetectionKim, Seong-Jin; Liu, Lei; Yao, Lei; Goh, Wang Ling; Gao, Yuan; Je, MinkyuCONFERENCE28
2018-08A 1.08-nW/kHz 13.2-ppm/°C Self-Biased Timer Using Temperature-Insensitive Resistive CurrentJung, Jaehong; Kim, Ik-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Jin; Lee, Yoonmyung; Chun, Jung-HoonARTICLE433
2014-11-12A 16.6μW 32.8MHz Monolithic CMOS Relaxation OscillatorLam, Yat-Hei; Kim, Seong-JinCONFERENCE31
2012-02-22A 1920x1080 3.65μm-Pixel 2D/3D Image Sensor with Split and Binning Pixel Structure in 0.11μm Standard CMOSKim, Seong-Jin; Kang, Byongmin; Kim, James D. K.; Lee, Keechang; Kim, Chang-Yeong; Kim, KinamCONFERENCE29
2005-02-08A 200×160 Pixel CMOS Fingerprint Recognition SoC with Adaptable Column-Parallel ProcessorsKim, Seong-Jin; Lee, Kwang-Hyun; Han, Sang-Wook; Yoon, EuisikCONFERENCE22
2010-11A 3-D Time-of-Flight CMOS Image Sensor with Pinned-Photodiode Pixel StructureKim, Seong-Jin; Han, Sang-Wook; Kang, Byongmin; Lee, Keechang; Kim, James D. K.; Kim, Chang-YeongARTICLE689
2018-08A 32 x 30 SPAD-Based Scanless LiDAR Sensor with In-Pixel Histogram ArrayKim, Seong-Jin; Kim, BumjunMaster's thesis291
2020-06-16A 36-channel SPAD-integrated scanning LiDAR sensor with multi-event histogramming TDC and embedded interference filterSeo, Hyeongseok; Yoon, Heesun; Kim, Dongkyu; Kim, Jungwoo; Kim, Seong-Jin; Chun, Jung-Hoon; Choi, JaehyukCONFERENCE62
2018-11-13A 4.86 μW/Channel Fully Differential Multi-Channel Neural Recording SystemLee, Taeju; Cha, Ji-Hyoung; Han, Su-Hyun; Kim, Seong-Jin; Je, MinkyuCONFERENCE24
2013-06-12A 5.9μm-pixel 2D/3D Image Sensor with Background Suppression Over 100klxCho, Jihyun; Choi, Jaehyuk; Kim, Seong-Jin; Shin, Jungsoon; Park, Seokjun; Kim, James D. K.; Yoon, EuisikCONFERENCE36
2011-06-15A 640x480 Image Sensor with Unified Pixel Architecture for 2D/3D Imaging in 0.11μm CMOSKim, Seong-Jin; Kim, James D. K.; Han, Sang-Wook; Kang, Byongmin; Lee, Keechang; Kim, Chang-YeongCONFERENCE33
2008-11A CMOS Fingerprint System-on-a-Chip with Adaptable Pixel Networks and Column-Parallel Processors for Image Enhancement and RecognitionKim, Seong-Jin; Lee, Kwang-Hyun; Han, Sang-Wook; Yoon, EuisikARTICLE695
2012-11A CMOS Image Sensor Based on Unified Pixel Architecture with Time-Division Multiplexing Scheme for Color and Depth Image AcquisitionKim, Seong-Jin; Kim, James D. K.; Kang, Byongmin; Lee, KeechangARTICLE703
2019-08A CMOS Indirect Time-of-Flight Sensor with Pull-and-Split Charge Transfer Pixel Structure for High Depth ResolutionKim, Seong-Jin; Lee, SeunghyunMaster's thesis185
2020-02A Column-parallel Single-Slope ADC with Signal-Dependent Multiple Sampling Technique for CMOS Image SensorKim, Seong-Jin; Lee, SangukMaster's thesis119
2020-02-17A Dynamic Pseudo 4-Tap CMOS Time-of-Flight Image Sensor with Motion Artifact Suppression and Background Light Cancelling Over 120kluxKim, Donguk; Lee, Seunghyun; Park, Dahwan; Piao, Canxing; Park, Jihoon; Ahn, Yeonsoo; Cho, Kihwan; Shin, Jungsoon; Song, Seung Min; Kim, Seong-Jin; Chun, Jung-Hoon; Choi, JaehyukCONFERENCE45
2006-06-15A High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor with In-Pixel Floating-Node Analog Memory for Pixel Level Integration Time ControlHan, Sang-Wook; Kim, Seong-Jin; Choi, Jaehyuk; Kim, Choong-Ki; Yoon, EuisikCONFERENCE32
2005-06A Low Dark Current CMOS Image Sensor Pixel with a Photodiode Structure Enclosed by P-wellHan, Sang-Wook; Kim, Seong-Jin; Yoon, EuisikARTICLE738
2019-06-24A Low Noise Single-Slope ADC with Signal-Dependent Multiple Sampling TechniqueLee, Sanguk; Lee, Seunghyun; Kim, Bumjun; Kim, Seong-JinCONFERENCE28
2005-02-02A Modular Expandable Tactile Sensor Using Flexible PolymerLee, Hyung-Kew; Chang, Sun-Il; Kim, Kyung-Hyun; Kim, Seong-Jin; Yoon, Kwang-Seok; Yoon, EuisikCONFERENCE29
Showing results 1 to 20 of 48