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2009-07A Streptavidin-Protein Cage Janus Particle for Polarized Targeting and Modular FunctionalizationSuci, Peter A.; Kang, Sebyung; Young, Mark; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE616
2010-12Bio-templated CdSe nanoparticle synthesis in a cage shaped protein, Listeria-Dps, and their two dimensional ordered array self-assemblyOkuda, Mitsuhiro; Suzumoto, Yoko; Iwahori, Kenji; Kang, Sebyung; Uchida, Masaki; Douglas, Trevor; Yamashita, IchiroARTICLE649
2011-12Biomimetic FePt nanoparticle synthesis within Pyrococcus furiosus ferritins and their layer-by-layer formationKang, Young Ji; Uchida, Masaki; Shin, Hyun-Hee; Douglas, Trevor; Kang, SebyungARTICLE879
2008-12Controlled Assembly of Bifunctional Chimeric Protein Cages and Composition Analysis Using Noncovalent Mass SpectrometryKang, Sebyung; Oltrogge, Luke M.; Broomell, Chris C.; Liepold, Lars O.; Prevelige, Peter E.; Young, Mark; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE621
2009-06From Metal Binding to Nanoparticle Formation: Monitoring Biomimetic Iron Oxide Synthesis within Protein Cages using Mass SpectrometryKang, Sebyung; Jolley, Craig C.; Liepold, Lars O.; Young, Mark; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE625
2010-10Implementation of P22 Viral Capsids as NanoplatformsKang, Sebyung; Uchida, Masaki; O'Neil, Alison; Li, Rui; Prevelige, Peter E.; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE582
2009-06Janus-like Protein Cages. Spatially Controlled Dual-Functional Surface Modifications of Protein CagesKang, Sebyung; Suci, Peter A.; Broomell, Chris C.; Iwahori, Kenji; Kobayashi, Mime; Yamashita, Ichiro; Young, Mark; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE658
2008-09Monitoring biomimetic platinum nanocluster formation using mass spectrometry and cluster-dependent H-2 productionKang, Sebyung; Lucon, Janice; Varpness, Zachary B.; Liepold, Lars; Uchida, Masaki; Willits, Debbie; Young, Mark; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE570
2012-01Site-Directed Coordination Chemistry with P22 Virus-like ParticlesUchida, Masaki; Morris, David S; Kang, Sebyung; Jolley, Craig C; Lucon, Janice; Liepold, Lars O; LaFrance, Ben; Prevelige, Peter E., Jr.; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE723
2010-08Size and Crystallinity in Protein-Templated Inorganic NanoparticlesJolley, Craig C.; Uchida, Masaki; Reichhardt, Courtney; Harrington, Richard; Kang, Sebyung; Klem, Michael T.; Parise, John B.; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE661
2010-01Some enzymes just need a space of their ownKang, Sebyung; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE542
2010-06Targeted Delivery of a Photosensitizer to Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans BiofilmSuci, Peter; Kang, Sebyung; Gmuer, Rudolf; Douglas, Trevor; Young, MarkARTICLE731
2010-08The ferritin superfamily: Supramolecular templates for materials synthesisUchida, Masaki; Kang, Sebyung; Reichhardt, Courtney; Harlen, Kevin; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE766
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13