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2018-11-21360도 비디오 시선 예측 시뮬레이터이종윤; 이경한; 울산과학기술원Patent120
2007-06-20375nm 반도체 UV 레이저를 이용한 미세 입자분사가공 SU-8 마스크의 제작Kang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE9
2012-05384 hanging drop arrays give excellent Z-factors and allow versatile formation of co-culture spheroidsTakayama, Shuichi; Hsiao, Amy Y.; Tung, Yi-Chung; Qu, Xianggui; Patel, Lalit R.; Pienta, Kenneth J.ARTICLE683
2014-023D Amorphous Silicon on Nanopillar Copper Electrodes as Anodes for High-Rate Lithium-Ion BatteriesKim, Gyutae; Jeong, Sookyung; Shin, Ju-Hyeon; Cho, Jaephil; Lee, HeonARTICLE776
2020-053D and 4D printing for optics and metaphotonicsJeong, Hoon Yeub; Lee, Eunsongyi; An, Soo-Chan; Lim, Yeonsoo; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE38
2019-06-293D Bio-dot Printing with In Situ Formation of Cell SpheroidsKang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE17
2019-03-163D Bio-point Printing with in Situ Formation of Cell SpheroidsJeon, Seunggyu; Heo, Jun-Ho; Kang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE16
2019-03-293D bio-point printing with in situ formation of cell spheroidsJeon, Seunggyu; Heo, Jun-Ho; Kang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE16
2019-07-123D Bio-Point Printing with In Situ Formation of Cell SpheroidsKang, Hyun-Wook; Jeon, Seunggyu; Heo, Jun-HoCONFERENCE20
2018-063D bioprinted biomask for facial skin reconstructionSeol, Young-Joon; Lee, Hyungseok; Copus, Joshua S.; Kang, Hyun-Wook; Cho, Dong-Woo; Atala, Anthony; Lee, Sang Jin; Yoo, James J.ARTICLE440
2016-10-293D Bioprinted Gradient of Angiogenic Factor for Geometrical Control of AngiogenesisHong, Sung Joon; Bae, Jae Hyun; Kang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE10
2018-083D Bioprinted Human Skeletal Muscle Constructs for Muscle Function RestorationKim, Ji Hyun; Seol, Young-Joon; Ko, In Kap; Kang, Hyun-Wook; Lee, Young Koo; Yoo, James J.; Atala, Anthony; Lee, Sang JinARTICLE417
2018-083D Bioprinting and Its Application to Organ-on-a-ChipPark, Ju Young; Jang, Jinah; Kang, Hyun-WookARTICLE394
2016-12-163D Bioprinting Technology and Its Applications강현욱CONFERENCE6
2019-01-263D bioprinting의 현재 - 당뇨병 치료 적용강현욱CONFERENCE19
2015-06-253D dispenser 프린팅 열전소자 온도차 개선을 위한 유연기판 형상 최적화 연구김성훈; 박민주; Choi, Kyoung JinCONFERENCE14
2018-123D field phase-space control in tokamak plasmasPark, Jong-Kyu; Jeon, YoungMu; In, Yongkyoon; Ahn, Joon-Wook; Nazikian, Raffi; Park, Gunyoung; Kim, Jaehyun; Lee, HyungHo; Ko, WonHa; Kim, Hyun-Seok; Logan, Nikolas C.; Wang, Zhirui; Feibush, Eliot A.; Menard, Jonathan E.; Zarnstroff, Michael C.ARTICLE244
2008-013D framework structure of a new lithium thiophosphate, LiTi2(PS4)(3), as lithium insertion hostsKim, Youngsik; Arumugam, Nachiappan; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE867
2018-04-123D graphene-Ni foam heterostructures for highly-efficient and durable bipolar plates in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell심여선; 곽진성; 김세양; 조용수; 김승현; 김성엽; 김지현; 이치승; 조장호; 권순용CONFERENCE18
2017-013D Hierarchical Indium Tin Oxide Nanotrees for Enhancement of Light Extraction in GaN-Based Light-Emitting DiodesPark, Min Joo; Kim, Chan Ul; Kang, Sung Bum; Won, Sang Hyuk; Kwak, Joon Seop; Kim, Chil Min; Choi, Kyoung JinARTICLE783
Showing results 121 to 140 of 35990