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2019-08Functional design of in situ cross-linked gel polymer electrolytes for improving reversibility of lithium-ion batteriesSong, Hyun-Kon; Cho, Yoon-GyoDoctoral thesis136
2009-04Functional Dissection of Caenorhabditis elegans CLK-2/TEL2 Cell Cycle Defects during Embryogenesis and Germline DevelopmentMoser, Sandra C.; von Elsner, Sophie; Buessing, Ingo; Alpi, Arno; Schnabel, Ralf; Gartner, AntonARTICLE63
2002-10Functional dissection of latency-associated nuclear antigen 1 of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus involved in latent DNA replication and transcription of terminal repeats of the viral genomeLim, Chunghun; Sohn, Hekwang; Lee, Daeyoup; Gwack, Yousang; Choe, JoonhoARTICLE542
2017-12Functional Distribution of Lexical Bundle in Native and Non-Native Students’ Argumentative WritingNam, DaehyeonARTICLE756
2018-08Functional electrolyte additive to improve electrochemical properties of silicon-based anodes for lithium ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Park, SewonMaster's thesis181
2016-01-18Functional electrolyte additives to improve cycling performance of electrodes at high ratesChoi, Nam-Soon; Kim, Ko-Eun; Han, Jung-Gu; Park, InbokCONFERENCE15
2013-10Functional electrolytes enhancing electrochemical performance of Sn-Fe-P alloy as anode for lithium-ion batteriesJang, Jun Yeong; Park, Gumjae; Lee, Sang-Min; Choi, Nam-SoonARTICLE714
2014-02Functional Electrolytes for Improving Electrochemical Performances of Carbon-Coated Porous Silicon Anodes in Lithium-Ion BatteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Chun, Myung-JinMaster's thesis1125
2015-08Functional electrolytes to improve electrochemical properties of cathodes and anodes in Na ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Jang, Jun YeongMaster's thesis923
2018-02Functional electrolytes to improve fast charging performances of lithium-ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Son, HyebinMaster's thesis501
2016-11-09Functional electrolytes with fluoroethylene carbonate for high-performance sodium-ion batteriesLee, Yongwon; Lee, Jaegi; Kim, Hyungsub; Kang, Kisuk; Choi, Nam-SoonCONFERENCE11
2019-12-03Functional Expansion Tallies in Monte Carlo High Fidelity LWR AnalysisEbiwonjumi, Bamidele; Lee, Hyunsuk; Zhang, Peng; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE31
2010-09Functional Expression of Anti-hepatitis B Virus (HBV) preS2 Antigen scFv by cspA Promoter System in Escherichia coli and Application as a Recognition Molecule for Single-walled Carbon Nanotube (SWNT) Field Effect Transistor (FET)Jun, Sun-Ae; Nam, Dong Hyun; Lo, Young-Seob; Kim, Ju-Jin; Chang, Hyunju; Lee, Jeong-O; Kim, Yong Hwan; Sang, Byoung-InARTICLE557
2009-07Functional expression of Coprinus cinereus peroxidase in Pichia pastorisKim, Su Jin; Lee, Jeong Ah; Won, Keehoon; Kim, Yong Hwan; Song, Bong KeunARTICLE372
2012-03Functional expression of recombinant anti-BNP scFv in methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris and application as a recognition molecule in electrochemical sensorsMaeng, Bo Hee; Choi, Jeongyeon; Sa, Young Seung; Shin, Jae Ho; Kim, Yong HwanARTICLE374
1997-09Functional features of an ssi signal of plasmid pGKV21 in Escherichia coliJeong, JY; Yoon, GM; Seo, HS; Cho, Moo Je; Sakai, H; Komano, T; Bahk, JDARTICLE541
2013-07Functional foods and the biomedicalisation of everyday life: A case of germinated brown riceKim, HyominARTICLE752
2009-03Functional fusion mutant of Candida antarctica lipase B (CalB) expressed in Escherichia coliSeo, Hyuk-Seong; Kim, Seong-Eun; Han, Yung-Yeon; Park, Jin-Seung; Kim, Yong-Hwan; Sim, Sang Jun; Lee, JeewonARTICLE368
2016-07-22Functional importance of the netrin-1/DCC-mediated activation of PLCG1 in developing midbrain dopaminergic pathwayKang, Du-Seok; Suh, Pann-GhillCONFERENCE9
2015-07Functional interaction between CTGF and FPRL1 regulates VEGF-A-induced angiogenesisLee, Mi-Sook; Ghim, Jaewang; Kim, Sun-Jin; Yun, Young Sung; Yoo, Seung-Ah; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Kim, Wan-Uk; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE540
Showing results 12681 to 12700 of 36107