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2008-09Air-stable n-type operation of Gd-contacted carbon nanotube field effect transistorsKim, Hyo-Suk; Jeon, Eun-Kyoung; Kim, Ju-Jin; So, Hye-Mi; Chang, Hyunju; Lee, Jeong-O; Park, NoejungARTICLE674
2008-02Aptamers as molecular recognition elements for electrical nanobiosensorsLee, Jeong-O; So, Hye-Mi; Jeon, Eun-Kyoung; Chang, Hyunju; Won, Keehoon; Kim, Yong HwanARTICLE458
2006-12Carbon nanotube diode fabricated by contact engineering with self-assembled moleculesKim, Byoung-Kye; Kim, Ju-Jin; So, Hye-Mi; Kong, Ki-jeong; Chang, Hyunju; Lee, Jeong-O; Park, NoejungARTICLE685
2012-04Controllable modification of the conduction properties of carbon nanotube devices through deposition of a metal overlayer onto the sidewallsPark, Noejung; Lee, A-Rum; Kim, Hyo-Suk; Kim, Ju-Jin; Lee, Jeong-OARTICLE752
2007-10Controllable modification of transport properties of single-walled carbon nanotube field effect transistors with in situ Al decorationKim, Hyo-Suk; Kim, Byoung-Kye; Kim, Ju-Jin; Lee, Jeong-O; Park, NoejungARTICLE587
2015-03Electron-transfer transparency of graphene: Fast reduction of metal ions on graphene-covered donor surfacesJeong, Du Won; Park, Serin; Choi, Won Jin; Bae, Giyeol; Chung, Yun Jang; Yang, Cheol-Soo; Lee, Young Kuk; Kim, Ju-Jin; Park, Noejung; Lee, Jeong-OARTICLE715
2010-09Functional Expression of Anti-hepatitis B Virus (HBV) preS2 Antigen scFv by cspA Promoter System in Escherichia coli and Application as a Recognition Molecule for Single-walled Carbon Nanotube (SWNT) Field Effect Transistor (FET)Jun, Sun-Ae; Nam, Dong Hyun; Lo, Young-Seob; Kim, Ju-Jin; Chang, Hyunju; Lee, Jeong-O; Kim, Yong Hwan; Sang, Byoung-InARTICLE603
2009-11Oriented Immobilization of Antibody Fragments on Ni-Decorated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube DevicesLo, Young-Seop; Nam, Dong Hyun; So, Hye-Mi; Chang, Hyunju; Kim, Ju-Jin; Kim, Yong Hwan; Lee, Jeong-OARTICLE466
2007-03Polymerization of bisphenol a using Coprinus cinereus peroxidase (CiP) and its application as a photoresist resinKim, Yong Hwan; An, Eun Suk; Park, Seung Young; Lee, Jeong-O; Kim, Ji Hyun; Song, Bong KeunARTICLE473
2013-05Silaffin Peptides as a Novel Signal Enhancer for Gravimetric BiosensorsDong Hyun Nam; Lee, Jeong-O; Sang, Byoung-In; Won, Keehoon; Kim, Yong HwanARTICLE530
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10