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Yoon, Tae-SikKim, Jung-MinKim, Jae-KyoungKim, Yong-Sang

Conference Paper Issue Date2008-10-14 View6

Kim, Jung-MinLee, Jeung-EunRyu, Sung HoSuh, Pann-Ghill

Article Issue Date2014-03 View4

Kim, Jung-MinLee, Dong-HoonYoon, Tae-SikLee, Hyun HoLee, Jong-WookKim, Yong-Sang

Article Issue Date2011-04 View0

Kim, Jung-MinLee, Dong-HoonLee, Hyun HoYoon, Tae-SikKim, Yong-Sang

Conference Paper Issue Date2010-10-13 View4

Kim, Jae-KyoungKim, Jung-MinYoon, Tae-SikLee, Hyun HoJeon, D.Kim, Yong-Sang

Article Issue Date2009-03 View1

Kim, Jae-KyoungKim, Jung-MinBaek, Woon-HyukLee, Hyun HoYoon, Tae-SikKang, CKim, Yong-Sang

Conference Paper Issue Date2008-03-27 View3