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1996-04A dynamic gesture recognition system for the Korean sign language (KSL)Kim, JS; Jang, W; Bien, ZeungnamARTICLE847
2019-08-23A New Quasi-one-dimensional Spin Chain and Its Critical BehaviorOh, Yoon Seok; Le, Jun Han; Kratochvílová, M; Cao, Huibo; Yamani, Zahra; Kim, JS; Park, Je-Geun; Stewart, GregCONFERENCE187
2006-05Assembly of a heterobinuclear 2-D network: A rare example of endo- and exocyclic coordination of Pd-II/Ag-I in a single macrocycleYoon, I; Seo, J; Lee, JE; Park, KM; Kim, JS; Lah, Myoung Soo; Lee, SSARTICLE770
1997-09-21Constitutive expression of divergent calmodulin isoforms enhances resistance to pathogens in plants.Cho, Moo Je; Heo, WD; Lee, SH; Kim, MC; Kim, JC; Chung, KJ; Lee, KJ; Kim, JS; Park, CY; Choi, JYCONFERENCE81
2018-01Control of the diocotron instability of a hollow electron beam with periodic dipole magnetsJo, YH; Kim, JS; Stancari, G; Chung, Moses; Lee, HJARTICLE745
2005-12Control of the resistive wall mode with internal coils in the DIII-D tokamakOkabayashi, M; Bialek, J; Bondeson, A; Chance, MS; Chu, MS; Garofalo, AM; Hatcher, R; In, Yongkyoon; Jackson, GL; Jayakumar, RJ; Jensen, TH; Katsuro-Hopkins, O; La Haye, RJ; Liu, YQ; Navratil, GA; Reimerdes, H; Scoville, JT; Strait, EJ; Takechi, M; Turnbull, AD; Gohil, P; Kim, JS; Makowski, MA; Manickam, J; Menard, JARTICLE386
1997Differential expression of two functional serine/threonine protein kinases from soyabean that have an unusual acidic domain at the carboxy terminusYoon, HW; Kim, MC; Shin, PG; Kim, JS; Kim, CY; Lee, SY; Hwang, I; Bahk, JD; Hong, JC; Han, C; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE790
2004-06Kinetic roughening of ion-sputtered Pd(001) surface: Beyond the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky modelKim, TC; Ghim, Cheol-Min; Kim, HJ; Kim, DH; Noh, DY; Kim, ND; Chung, JW; Yang, JS; Chang, YJ; Noh, TW; Kahng, B; Kim, JSARTICLE823
2005-05Measurement of resistive wall mode stability in rotating high-beta DIII-D plasmasReimerdes, H; Bialek, J; Chance, MS; Chu, MS; Garofalo, AM; Gohil, P; In, Yongkyoon; Jackson, GL; Jayakumar, RJ; Jensen, TH; Kim, JS; La Haye, RJ; Liu, YQ; Menard, JE; Navratil, GA; Okabayashi, M; Scoville, JT; Strait, EJ; Szymanski, DD; Takahashi, HARTICLE415
2006-06Model-based dynamic resistive wall mode identification and feedback control in the DIII-D tokamakIn, Yongkyoon; Kim, JS; Edgell, DH; Strait, EJ; Humphreys, DA; Walker, ML; Jackson, GL; Chu, MS; Johnson, R; La Haye, RJ; Okabayashi, M; Garofalo, AM; Reimerdes, HARTICLE390
2021-08Moral dilemmas and trust in leaders during a global health crisisEverett, JAC; Colombatto, C; Awad, E; Boggio, P; Bos, B; Brady, WJ; Chawla, M; Chituc, V; Chung, Dongil; Drupp, MA; Goel, S; Grosskopf, B; Hjorth, F; Ji, A; Kealoh, C; Kim, JS; Lin, Y; Ma, Y; Maréchal, MA; Mancinelli, F; Mathys, C; Olsen, AL; Pearce, G; Prosser, AMB; Reggev, N; Sabin, N; Senn, J; Shin, YS; Sinnott-Armstrong, W; Sjåstad, H; Strick, M; Sul, S; Tummers, L; Turner, M; Yu, H; Zoh, Y; Crockett, Molly JARTICLE188
2003-09NEXAFS spectroscopy study of the surface properties of zinc glutarate and its reactivity with carbon dioxide and propylene oxideKim, JS; Ree, M; Lee, SW; Oh, W; Baek, S; Lee, B; Shin, Tae Joo; Kim, KJ; Kim, B; Luning, JARTICLE755
2005-08Stereoselective synthesis of (+)-SCH 351448: A unique ligand system for sodium, calcium, and other cationsKang, EJ; Cho, EJ; Ji, MK; Lee, YE; Shin, DM; Choi, SY; Chung, YK; Kim, JS; Kim, HJ; Lee, SG; Lah, Myoung Soo; Lee, EARTICLE753
2005-07Study on energy band of InGaN/GaN self-assembled quantum dots by deep level transient spectroscopyKim, EK; Kim, JS; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Kim, HJ; Yoon, EARTICLE715
2002-02Surface electronic structure of Ti-based transition metal alloysKulkova, SE; Valujsky, DV; Kim, JS; Lee, Geunsik; Koo, YMARTICLE677
2003-06Synthesis and characterization of new aromatic polyimides containing well-defined conjugation unitsShin, Tae Joo; Park, HK; Lee, SW; Lee, B; Oh, W; Kim, JS; Baek, S; Hwang, YT; Kim, HC; Ree, MARTICLE717
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