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2023-08Antibody plug-and-playable nanoparticles as a facile and versatile platform for targeted drug deliveryOh, Jun Yong; An, Eun-Koung; Jana, Batakrishna; Kim, Hansol; Jin, Seongeon; Yang, Gyeongseok; Kim, Jinsoo; Choi, Eunshil; Jin, Jun-O; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE246
2023-02Anticancer Therapeutic Approach through Spatiotemporal Self-assembly Control of Cancerous Organelle Target PeptidesRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Jin, SeongeonDoctoral thesis1323
2021-04Drug resistance-free cytotoxic nanodrugs in composites for cancer therapyJana, Batakrishna; Kim, Dongkap; Choi, Huyeon; Kim, Minsoo; Kim, Kibeom; Kim, Sangpil; Jin, Seongeon; Park, Myoung-Hwan; Lee, Kwan Hyi; Yoon, Cheolho; Lee, Byoung-Seok; Kang, Min-Sung; Lim, Hyun-Ji; Park, Eun-Jung; Jeong, Youngdo; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Kim, ChaekyuARTICLE412
2022-12Enzyme-instructed morphology transformation of mitochondria-targeting peptide for the selective eradication of osteosarcomaJeena, M.T.; Jin, Seongeon; Jana, Batakrishna; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE664
2019-09Heterochiral Assembly of Amphiphilic Peptides Inside the Mitochondria for Supramolecular Cancer TherapeuticsJeena, M. T.; Jeong, Keunsoo; Go, Eun Min; Cho, Yuri; Lee, Seokyung; Jin, Seongeon; Hwang, Suk-Won; Jang, Joo Hee; Kang, Chi Soo; Bang, Woo-Young; Lee, Eunji; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Sehoon; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE809
2023-08Intra-Lysosomal Peptide Assembly for the High Selectivity Index against CancerJana, Batakrishna; Jin, Seongeon; Go, Eun Min; Cho, Yumi; Kim, Dohyun; Kim, Sangpil; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE262
2020-06Intra-mitochondrial self-assembly to overcome the intracellular enzymatic degradation ofl-peptidesJeena, M. T.; Lee, Seokyoung; Barui, Ayan Kumar; Jin, Seongeon; Cho, Yuri; Hwang, Suk-Won; Kim, Sehoon; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE521
2022-04Intramitochondrial co-assembly between ATP and nucleopeptides induces cancer cell apoptosisChoi, Huyeon; Park, Gaeun; Shin, Eunhye; Shin, Seon Woo; Jana, Batakrishna; Jin, Seongeon; Kim, Sangpil; Wang, Huaimin; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Xu, Bing; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE601
2021-09Intramitochondrial Disulfide Polymerization Controls Cancer Cell FateKim, Sangpil; Jana, Batakrishna; Go, Eun Min; Lee, Ji Eun; Jin, Seongeon; An, Eun-Koung; Hwang, Juyoung; Sim, Youjung; Son, Sehee; Kim, Dohyun; Kim, Chaekyu; Jin, Jun-O; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE461
2023-06Protein-Precoated Surface of Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles for Targeted DeliveryOh, Jun Yong; Choi, Eunshil; Jana, Batakrishna; Go, Eun Min; Jin, Eunji; Jin, Seongeon; Lee, Jinhyu; Bae, Jong-hoon; Yang, Gyeongseok; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Choe, Wonyoung; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE979
2020-01Recent progress in mitochondria-targeted drug and drug-free agents for cancer therapyJeena, M.T.; Kim, Sangpil; Jin, Seongeon; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE732
2020-08Self‐Assembly of Mitochondria‐Targeted Photosensitizer to Increase Photostability and Photodynamic Therapeutic Efficacy in HypoxiaJana, Batakrishna; Thomas, Ajesh P.; Kim, Sangpil; Lee, In Seong; Choi, Huyeon; Jin, Seongeon; Park, Soo Ah; Min, Seung Kyu; Kim, Chaekyu; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE602
2020-12Spatiotemporal Self-Assembly of Peptides Dictates Cancer-Selective ToxicityJin, Seongeon; Jeena, M. T.; Jana, Batakrishna; Moon, Minhyeok; Choi, Huyeon; Lee, Eunji; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE394
2020-10-30Specific interaction of pVIII protein of DSPHTELP M13 bacteriophageKwon, Haeun; Jin, Seongeon; Park, Jinwoo; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Lee, Dong WoogCONFERENCE401
2020-01Supramolecular protection-mediated one-pot synthesis of cationic gold nanoparticlesJana, Batakrishna; Kim, Seongchan; Choi, Huyeon; Jin, Seongeon; Kim, Kibeom; Kim, Minsoo; Lee, Hyojin; Lee, Kwan Hyi; Lee, Jungmin; Park, Myoung-Hwan; Jeong, Youngdo; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Kim, ChaekyuARTICLE795
2023-11Surface protein-retractive and redox-degradable mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles for enhanced cancer therapyYang, Gyeongseok; Kim, Sangpil; Oh, Jun Yong; Kim, Dohyun; Jin, Seongeon; Choi, Eunshil; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE454
2021-04-08The Power of Enzyme-Instructed Self-Assembly and Lysosome-targeting to overcome the Drug Resistance and Selective Cancer Cell DeathJana, Batakrishna; Jin, Seongeon; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE326
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17