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2008-03Layered Li-0.88[Li0.18Co0.33Mn0.49]O-2 nanowires for fast and high capacity Li-ion storage materialLee, Yoojung; Kim, Min Gyu; Cho, JaephilARTICLE619
2019-12Layered material platform for surface plasmon resonance biosensingWu, F.; Thomas, P. A.; Kravets, V. G.; Arola, H. O.; Soikkeli, M.; Iljin, K.; Kim, G.; Kim, M.; Shin, H. S.; Andreeva, D., V; Neumann, C.; Kuellmer, M.; Turchanin, A.; De Fazio, D.; Balci, O.; Babenko, V; Luo, B.; Goykhman, I; Hofmann, S.; Ferrari, A. C.; Novoselov, K. S.; Grigorenko, A. N.ARTICLE62
2015-02Layered oxygen-deficient double perovskite as an efficient and stable anode for direct hydrocarbon solid oxide fuel cellsSengoda, Sivaprakash; Choi, Sihyuk; Jun, Areum; Shin, Tae Ho; Ju, Young-Wan; Jeong, Hu Young; Kim, Jeeyoung; Irvine, John T. S.; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE1530
2017-02Layered perovskites as electrocatalysts for energy conversion and storage systemsKim, Guntae; Jun, AreumDoctoral thesis359
2016-07Layered reduced graphene oxide with nanoscale interlayer gaps as a stable host for lithium metal anodesDingchang Lin; Yayuan Liu; Zheng Liang; Lee, Hyun-Wook; Jie Sun; Haotian Wang; Kai Yan; Jin Xie; Yi CuiARTICLE605
2015-03Layers of Experiments with Adaptive Combined DesignKim, Sungil; Kim, Heeyoung; Lu, Jye-Chyi; Casciato, Michael J.; Grover, Martha A.; Hess, Dennis W.; Lu, Richard W.; Wang, XinARTICLE716
2014-10LCD panel characterization by measuring full Jones matrix of individual pixels using polarization-sensitive digital holographic microscopyPark, Jongchan; Yu, Hyeonseung; Park, Jung-Hoon; Park, YongKeunARTICLE514
2016-11Leaching of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from industrial wastewater sludge by ultrasonic treatmentOh, Joo-Yeon; Choi, Sung-Deuk; Kwon, Hye-Ok; Lee, Sung-EunARTICLE657
2013-11Leaching of Trace-pollutants from Wastewater Sludge through the Ultrasonic TreatmentChoi, Sung-Deuk; Oh, Joo-YeonMaster's thesis790
2013-05Lead-free Bi-1/2(Na0.82K0.18)(1/2)TiO3 relaxor ferroelectrics with temperature insensitive electrostrictive coefficientTran, Vu Diem Ngoc; Dinh, Thi Hinh; Han, Hyoung-Su; Jo, Wook; ee, Jae-ShinARTICLE554
2011-09Lead-free electrostrictive bismuth perovskite ceramics with thermally stable field-induced strainsNgoc Tran, Vu Diem; Han, Hyoung-Su; Yoon, Chang-Ho; Lee, Jae-Shin; Jo, Wook; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE555
2011-02Lead-free high-temperature dielectrics with wide operational rangeDittmer, Robert; Jo, Wook; Damjanovic, Dragan; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE579
2016-03Lead-free piezoceramics - Where to move on?Hong, Chang-Hyo; Kim, Hwang-Pill; Choi, Byung-Yul; Han, Hyoung-Su; Son, Jae Sung; Ahn, Chang Won; Jo, WookARTICLE481
2008-02Lead-free piezoceramics with giant strain in the system Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-BaTiO3-K0.5Na0.5NbO3. I. Structure and room temperature propertiesZhang, Shan-Tao; Kounga, Alain Brice; Aulbach, Emil; Granzow, Torsten; Jo, Wook; Kleebe, Hans-Joachim; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE654
2008-02Lead-free piezoceramics with giant strain in the system Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-BaTiO3-K0.5Na0.5NbO3. II. Temperature dependent propertiesZhang, Shan-Tao; Kounga, Alain Brice; Aulbach, Emil; Jo, Wook; Granzow, Torsten; Ehrenberg, Helmut; Roedel, JuergenARTICLE602
2020-05Lead-free relaxor thin films with huge energy density and low loss for high temperature applicationsKursumovic, A; Li, W.-W.; Cho, S; Curran, P. J.; Tjhe, D.H.L.; MacManus-Driscoll, J. L.ARTICLE72
2010-09Leaders of neuronal cultures in a quorum percolation modelEckmann, Jean-Pierre; Moses, Elisha; Stetter, Olav; Tlusty, Tsvi; Zbinden, CyrilleARTICLE21
2016-02Learning a Convolutional Neural Network with Additional InformationYang, Seungjoon; Kim, SoowoongDoctoral thesis1524
2012-10Learning from age difference: Interorganizational learning and survival in Japanese foreign subsidiariesKim, Young Choon; Lu, Jane W.; Rhee, MooweonARTICLE834
2018-02LEARNING HOW STUDENTS ARE LEARNING IN PROGRAMMING LAB SESSIONSNoh, Sam H.; Mirhosseini, SeyedMoeinMaster's thesis231
Showing results 9581 to 9600 of 20447