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Keffer, David J.Baig, ChunggiAdhangale, ParagEdwards, Brian J.

Article Issue Date2008-06 View7

Keffer, D. J.Baig, ChunggiAdhangale, P.Edwards, B. J.

Article Issue Date2006-04 View6

Nguyen, Cao ThangHo, Duc TamKim, Sung Youb

Article Issue Date2024-01 View19

Bolton, KimDing, FengRosen, Arne

Article Issue Date2006-05 View1

Lee, YoungminPark, Jong YounKim, Sung YoubJun, SukkyIm, Seyoung

Article Issue Date2005-10 View4

Nguyen, Cao ThangHo, Duc TamHo, Viet HungKim, Sung Youb

Article Issue Date2024-03 View22

Kim, ByungjoBae, JinkyuJeong, HyunhakHahn, Seung HoYoo, SuyoungNam, Sang Ki

Article Issue Date2023-09 View19

Lee, Seung GeolJang, Seung SoonKim, JongmanKim, Gene

Article Issue Date2010-05 View13

Lee, Han MyoungKim, Kwang S.

Article Issue Date2013-07 View4

Lee, Seung GeolChoi, Ji IlKoh, WonsangJang, Seung SoonKim, JongmanKim, Gene

Article Issue Date2011-10 View7

Kwak, Sang KyuPark, TaezoonYoon, Yong-JinLee, Jong-Min

Article Issue Date2012-01 View7

Ho, Duc TamPark, Harold S.Kim, Sung YoubSchwingenschlögl, Udo

Article Issue Date2020-07 View11

Page, A. J.Ding, F.Irle, S.Morokuma, K.

Article Issue Date2015-02 View8

Gazali, PanjiKwak, Sang KyuSingh, Jayant K.

Article Issue Date2008 View8

Qiu, LuDing, Feng

Article Issue Date2022-11 View10

Granick, SKumar, SKAmis, EJAntonietti, MBalazs, ACChakraborty, AKGrest, GSHawker, CJJanmey, PKramer, EJ , et al

Article Issue Date2003-11 View11

Singh, N. JitenPark, MinaMin, Seung KyuSuh, Seung BumKim, Kwang S.

Article Issue Date2006-06 View8

Kwon, Sung HyunLee, So YoungKim, Hyoung-JuhnKim, Hee-TakLee, Seung Geol

Article Issue Date2018-07 View5

Lee, Ji HeeYim, Sung-DaeSohn, Young-JunLee, Seung Geol

Article Issue Date2022-06 View8

Ding, FBolton, KRosen, A

Article Issue Date2006-03 View7

Viet Hung HoDuc Tam HoCao Thang NguyenKim, Sung Youb

Article Issue Date2022-06 View16

Ho, Duc TamKwon, Soon-YongPark, Harold S.Kim, Sung Youb

Article Issue Date2017-08 View10

Kwon, Sung HyunLee, InwonPark, HyunLee, Seung Geol

Article Issue Date2021-11 View3

Choi, JooheeKang, HaisuLee, Ji HeeKwon, Sung HyunLee, Seung Geol

Article Issue Date2022-07 View8

Jeong, Seung HeumCho, SoowonHa, Tae YongRoh, Eun JungBaig, Chunggi

Article Issue Date2020-12 View9

Chen, Wen WenTay, Derrick Kok SingLeong, Susanna Su JanKwak, Sang Kyu

Article Issue Date2012-02 View7