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2002Adaptation of kidney medulla to hypertonicity: Role of the transcription factor TonEBPWoo, SK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE871
2001-06Amino acid depletion activates TonEBP and sodium-coupled inositol transportFranchi-Gazzola, R; Visigalli, R; Dall'Asta, V; Sala, R; Woo, SK; Kwon, H. Moo; Gazzola, GC; Bussolati, OARTICLE705
2000-06Bidirectional regulation of tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein in response to changes in tonicityWoo, SK; Dahl, SC; Handler, JS; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE836
1998-04Cis- and trans-acting factors regulating transcription of the BGT1 gene in response to hypertonicityMiyakawa, H; Woo, SK; Chen, CP; Dahl, SC; Handler, JS; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE831
2002-06Dimerization is required for phosphorylation and DNA binding of TonEBP/NFAT5Lee, SD; Woo, SK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE726
2000-11How salt regulates genes: Function of a rel-like transcription factor TonEBPWoo, SK; Nahm, O; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE755
2001-11Hydration status affects nuclear distribution of transcription factor tonicity responsive enhancer binding protein in rat kidneyCha, JH; Woo, SK; Han, KH; Kim, YH; Handler, JS; Kim, J; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE722
2002-01Involvement of multiple kinase pathways in stimulation of gene transcription by hypertonicityNahm, O; Woo, SK; Handler, JS; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE671
2004-11Maturation of TonEBP expression in developing rat kidneyHan, KH; Woo, SK; Kim, WY; Park, SH; Cha, JH; Kim, J; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE986
2002-05Mouse TonEBP-NFAT5: expression in early development and alternative splicingMaouyo, D; Kim, JY; Lee, SD; Wu, YH; Woo, SK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE755
2000-02Nuclear redistribution of tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein requires proteasome activityWoo, SK; Maouyo, D; Handler, JS; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE721
2002-12Regulation of TonEBP transcriptional activator in MDCK cells following changes in ambient tonicityNeuhofer, W; Woo, SK; Na, KY; Grunbein, R; Park, WK; Nahm, O; Beck, FX; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE724
2000-10Remarkable anionic axial ligand effects of iron(III) porphyrin complexes on the catalytic oxygenations of hydrocarbons by H2O2 and the formation of oxoiron(IV) porphyrin intermediates by m-chloroperoxybenzoic acidNam, W; Lim, Mi Hee; Oh, SY; Lee, JH; Lee, HJ; Woo, SK; Kim, C; Shin, WARTICLE813
2003-02Silencing of TonEBP/NFAT5 transcriptional activator by RNA interferenceNa, KY; Woo, SK; Lee, SD; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE820
2006-01TonEBP is inhibited by RNA helicase A via interaction involving the E ' F loopColla, E; Lee, SD; Sheen, MR; Woo, SK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE731
2002-08TonEBP transcriptional activator in the cellular response to increased osmolalityWoo, SK; Lee, SD; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE934
2002-08TonEBP/NFAT5 stimulates transcription of HSP70 in response to hypertonicityWoo, SK; Lee, SD; Na, KY; Park, WK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE760
1999-03Tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein, a Rel-like protein that stimulates transcription in response to hypertonicityMiyakawa, H; Woo, SK; Dahl, SC; Handler, JS; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE771
2004Transcription factor tonicity-responsive enhancer-binding protein (TonEBP) which transactivates osmoprotective genes is expressed and upregulated following acute systemic hypertonicity in neurons in brainLoyher, ML; Mutin, M; Woo, SK; Kwon, H. Moo; Tappaz, MLARTICLE869
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19