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2018-03A Robust 3D Cage‐like Ultramicroporous Network Structure with High Gas‐Uptake CapacityMahmood, Javeed; Kim, Seok-Jin; Noh, Hyuk-Jun; Jung, Sun-Min; Ahmad, Ishfaq; Le, Feng; Seo, Jeong-Min; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE1178
2014-12A solvent-free Diels-Alder reaction of graphite into functionalized graphene nanosheetsSeo, Jeong-Min; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE1352
2015-08-13A solvent-free Diels-Alder reaction of graphite into functionalized graphene nanosheetsBaek, Jong-Beom; Seo, Jeong-MinCONFERENCE422
2015-04-15A solvent-free Diels-Alder reaction of graphite into functionalized graphene nanosheetsBaek, Jong-Beom; Seo, Jeong-MinCONFERENCE385
2023-04Achieving volatile potassium promoted ammonia synthesis via mechanochemistryKim, Jong-Hoon; Dai, Tian-Yi; Yang, Mihyun; Seo, Jeong-Min; Lee, Jae Seong; Kweon, Do Hyung; Lang, Xing-You; Ihm, Kyuwook; Shin, Tae Joo; Han, Gao-Feng; Jiang, Qing; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE178
2015-05Antimony-doped graphene nanoplateletsJeon, In-Yup; Choi, Min; Choi, Hyun-Jung; Jung, Sun-Min; Kim, Min-Jung; Seo, Jeong-Min; Bae, Seo-Yoon; Yoo, Seonyoung; Kim, Guntae; Jeong, Hu Young; Park, Noejung; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE1752
2021-11Benzothiazole-Based Covalent Organic Frameworks with Different Symmetrical Combinations for Photocatalytic CO2 ConversionKim, Young Hyun; Kim, Nayeong; Seo, Jeong-Min; Jeon, Jong-Pil; Noh, Hyuk-Jun; Kweon, Do Hyung; Ryu, Jungki; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE565
2022-10Conductive and Ultrastable Covalent Organic Framework/Carbon Hybrid as an Ideal Electrocatalytic PlatformSeo, Jeong-Min; Noh, Hyuk-Jun; Jeon, Jong-Pil; Kim, Hyeongjun; Han, Gao-Feng; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Jeong, Hu Young; Wang, Lianli; Li, Feng; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE401
2017-03Controlled Fabrication of Hierarchically Structured Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes as a Highly Active Bifunctional Oxygen ElectrocatalystZhao, Xianglong; Li, Feng; Wang, Ruining; Seo, Jeong-Min; Choi, Hyun-Jung; Jung, Sun-Min; Mahmood. Javeed; Jeon, In-Yup; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE1196
2019-07Converting Unstable Imine-Linked Network into Stable Aromatic Benzoxazole-Linked One via Post-oxidative CyclizationSeo, Jeong-Min; Noh, Hyuk-Jun; Jeong, Hu Young; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE687
2022-11Crystallinity of Imide-Linked Two-Dimensional Polymers Depends on the Nucleophilicity of Triamine Building BlocksSeo, Jeong-Min; Lee, Ji Eun; Noh, Hyuk-Jun; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE210
2017-05Defect/Edge-Selective Functionalization of Carbon Materials by Direct Friedel-Crafts Acylation ReactionSeo, Jeong-Min; Tan, Loon-Seng; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE879
2012-04-12Diels-Alder Reaction of GrapheneBaek, Jong-Beom; Seo, Jeong-MinCONFERENCE279
2013-07Direct nitrogen fixation at the edges of graphene nanoplatelets as efficient electrocatalysts for energy conversionJeon, In-Yup; Choi, Hyun-Jung; Ju, Myung Jong; Choi, In Taek; Lim, Kimin; Ko, Jaejung; Kim, Hwan Kyu; Kim, Jae Cheon; Lee, Jae-Joon; Shin, Dongbin; Jung, Sun-Min; Seo, Jeong-Min; Kim, Min-Jung; Park, Noejung; Dai, Liming; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE1654
2014-02Direct Solvothermal Synthesis of B/N-Doped GrapheneJung, Sun-Min; Lee, Eun Kwang; Choi, Min; Shin, Dongbin; Jeon, In-Yup; Seo, Jeong-Min; Jeong, Hu Young; Park, Noejung; Oh, Joon Hak; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE1566
2018-07Direct Synthesis of a Covalent Triazine-Based Framework from Aromatic AmidesYu, Soo-Young; Mahmood, Javeed; Noh, Hyuk-Jun; Seo, Jeong-Min; Jung, Sun-Min; Shin, Sun-Hee; Im, Yoon-Kwang; Jeon, In-Yup; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE844
2023-07Direct Synthesis of Fluorinated Carbon Materials via a Solid-State Mechanochemical Reaction Between Graphite and PTFEJang, Boo-Jae; Zhao, Qiannan; Baek, Jae-Hoon; Seo, Jeong-Min; Jeon, Jong-Pil; Kweon, Do Hyung; Han, Gao-Feng; Xu, Chaohe; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE122
2023-09Directly transforming graphite into iron single atom catalyst for the acidic oxygen reduction reactionLi, Feng; Han, Gao-Feng; Che, Wei; Seo, Jeong-Min; Zou, Wei; Liu, Huan; Ahmad, Ishfaq; Fu, Zhengping; Lu, Yalin; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE125
2016-10-07Edge Selenium-doped Graphene Nanoplatelets as Superior Metal-free Cathodes for Dye-sensitized Solar CellsJu, Myung-Jong; Jeon, In-Yup; Kim, Hong Mo; Choi, Ji Il; Jung, Sun-Min; Seo, Jeong-Min; Choi, In Taek; Kang, Sung Ho; Kim, Han Seul; Noh, Min Jong; Lee, Jae-Joon; Jeong, Hu Young; Kim, Hwan Kyu; Kim, Yong Hoon; Baek, Jong-BeomCONFERENCE475
2012-04-12Edge-Carboxylated Graphene Nanosheets via Ball MillingBaek, Jong-Beom; Jeon,; Shin, Yeon-Ran; Sohn, Gyung-Joo; Choi, Hyun-Jung; Bae, Seo-Yoon; Mahmood, Javeed; Jung, Sun-Min; Seo, Jeong-Min; Kim, Min-Jung; Chang, Dong Wook; Dai, LimingCONFERENCE511
Showing results 1 to 20 of 62