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2015-12A 200-Mb/s Data Rate 3.1-4.8-GHz IR-UWB All-Digital Pulse Generator With DB-BPSK ModulationNa, Kyungmin; Jang, Heedon; Ma, Hyunggun; Choi, Yunho; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1011
2013-01-30A 200-Mbps Data Rate All-Digital IR-UWB Pulse Generator in a 65-nm CMOS TechnologyBien, Franklin; Na, Kyungmin; Choi, YunhoCONFERENCE115
2015-09-21A Stent based Biomedical Wireless Communication Platform for In-Vivo Glucose Sensing SystemJang, Heedon; Ma, Hyunggun; Na, Kyungmin; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE138
2016-08-24A stent based in-vivo bio-sensing system for glucose monitoringJang, Heedon; Na, Kyungmin; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE134
2014-10An adaptive backward control battery equalization system for serially connected lithium-ion battery packsNguyen, Ngoc; Oruganti, Sai K.; Na, Kyungmin; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1008
2013-12-09An improved wireless power transfer system with adaptive technique for implantable biomedical devicesNa, Kyungmin; Jang, Heedon; Oruganti, Sai Kiran; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE116
2020-07Bootstrap capacitorless DCM VOT buck converter with dead-time-based off-time calibration for magnetic resonance wireless power transferMa, Hyunggun; Namgoong, Gyeongho; Choi, Eunho; Park, Woojin; Lee, Bonyoung; Jang, Heedon; Park, Kyeongmin; Na, Kyungmin; Bien, FranklinARTICLE337
2016-06Graphene-Based Wireless Environmental Gas Sensor on PET SubstrateNa, Kyungmin; Ma, Hyunggun; Park, Jihun; Yeo, Junho; Park, Jang-Ung; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1633
2013-01-30Improved Efficiency of a Wireless Power Transfer System with an adaptive Frequency Control CircuitBien, Franklin; Oruganti, Sai Kiran; Na, KyungminCONFERENCE134
2014-05In-situ Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube-Graphite Electronic Devices and Their Integrations onto Surfaces of Live Plants and InsectsLee, Kyongsoo; Park, Jihun; Lee, Mi-Sun; Kim, Joohee; Hyun, Byung Gwan; Kang, Dong Jun; Na, Kyungmin; Lee, Chang Young; Bien, Franklin; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE1156
2014-11-03Low capacitance sensing circuit for fingerprint sensor integrated into display screen based on charging and extracting processYoo, Yena; Na, Kyungmin; Jang, Heedon; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE108
2016-11On-display Transparent Half-diamond Pattern Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Compatible with AMOLED DisplayMa, Hyunggun; Liu, Zhenyi; Heo, Sanghyun; Lee, Jeeyoon; Na, Kyungmin; Jin, Han Byul; Jung, Sungchul; Park, Kibog; Kim, Jae Joon; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1201
2018-02Power Control Techniques in Wireless Power Transfer SystemBien, Franklin; Na, KyungminDoctoral thesis816
2018-01Soft, smart contact lenses with integrations of wireless circuits, glucose sensors, and displaysPark, Jihun; Kim, Joohee; Kim, So-Yun; Cheong, Woon Hyung; Jang, Jiuk; Park, Young-Geun; Na, Kyungmin; Kim, Yun-Tae; Heo, Jun Hyuk; Lee, Chang Young; Lee, Jung Heon; Bien, Franklin; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE1215
2018-12Step-charging technique for CC/CV mode battery charging with low-cost control components in IPT systemsNa, Kyungmin; Ma, Hyunggun; Namgoong, Gyeongho; Kim, Katherine A.; Jung, Jee-Hoon; Bien, FranklinARTICLE889
2015-01Tracking Optimal Efficiency of Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Transfer System for Biomedical Capsule EndoscopyNa, Kyungmin; Jang, Heedon; Ma, Hyunggun; Bien, FranklinARTICLE1155
2017-04Wearable smart sensor systems integrated on soft contact lenses for wireless ocular diagnosticsKim, Joohee; Kim, Minji; Lee, Mi-Sun; Kim, Kukjoo; Ji, Sangyoon; Kim, Yun-Tae; Park, Jihun; Na, Kyungmin; Bae, Kwi-Hyun; Kim, Hong Kyun; Bien, Franklin; Lee, Chang Young; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE1194
2014-01-15Wireless Power Transfer Technology in Capsule EndoscopyNa, Kyungmin; Sai, Oruganti; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE83
2012-05-31전기 자동차 고효율 BMS 구현을 위한 하이브리드 타입 Charge EqualizerNa, Kyungmin; Yeo, In Jun; Bien, FranklinCONFERENCE117
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19