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Kim, Hyun WooHan, JinhyupLim, Young JunChoi, YunSeokLee, EungjeKim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2021-01 View13

Kim, Hyun WooKim, JongwooKim, DowanKim, YoungsikLee, Wang-Geun

Article Issue Date2023-07 View15

Ahn, YunKim, JungwooJung, TaeyoungLee, Jeong seopSuh, Yung DougKim, Hyun WooNam, Sang HwanPark, Hyeong‐Ryeol

Conference Paper Issue Date2019-08-14 View11

Lim, Young JunHan, JinhyupKim, Hyun WooChoi, YunSeokLee, EungjeKim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2020-08 View9

Kim, Kyung-WonKim, Hyun WooKim, YoungsikKim, Jae-Kwang

Article Issue Date2017-05 View4

Jeong, JeeyoonKim, Hyun WooKim, Dai-Sik

Article Issue Date2022-03 View7

Palanisamy, ManikandanKim, Hyun WooHeo, SeongwooLee, EungjeKim, Youngsik

Article Issue Date2017-03 View5

Choi, HyunjiKim, Hyun WooKi, Jae-KwangLim, Young JunKim, YoungsikAhn, Jou-Hyeon

Article Issue Date2017-09 View7

Kim, Hyun Woo

Thesis Issue Date2020-08 View6