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2009-07Critical nucleation size of vortex core for domain wall transformation in soft magnetic thin film nanostripsChoi, Youn-Seok; Lee, Jun-Young; Yoo, Myoung-Woo; Lee, Ki-Suk; Guslienko, Konstantin Yu.; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE823
2011-04Edge-Soliton-Mediated Vortex-Core Reversal DynamicsLee, Ki-Suk; Yoo, Myoung-Woo; Choi, Youn-Seok; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE782
2007-08Electric-current-driven vortex-core reversal in soft magnetic nanodotsKim, Sang-Koog; Choi, Youn-Seok; Lee, Ki-Suk; Guslienko, Konstantin Y.; Jeong, Dae-EunARTICLE813
2012-05Logic Operations Based on Magnetic-Vortex-State NetworksJung, Hyunsung; Choi, Youn-Seok; Lee, Ki-Suk; Han, Dong-Soo; Yu, Young-Sang; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE776
2008-11Low-Power Selective Control of Ultrafast Vortex-Core Switching by Circularly Rotating Magnetic Fields: Circular-Rotational EigenmodesKim, Sang-Koog; Lee, Ki-Suk; Choi, Youn-Seok; Yu, Young-SangARTICLE704
2008-05Negative refraction of dipole-exchange spin waves through a magnetic twin interface in restricted geometryKim, Sang-Koog; Choi, Sangkook; Lee, Ki-Suk; Han, Dong-Soo; Jung, Dae-Eun; Choi, Youn-SeokARTICLE721
2008-05Oppositely rotating eigenmodes of spin-polarized current-driven vortex gyrotropic motions in elliptical nanodotsLee, Ki-Suk; Yu, Young-Sang; Choi, Youn-Seok; Jeong, Dae-Eun; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE746
2010-02Out-of-plane current controlled switching of the fourfold degenerate state of a magnetic vortex in soft magnetic nanodotsChoi, Youn-Seok; Yoo, Myoung-Woo; Lee, Ki-Suk; Yu, Young-Sang; Jung, Hyunsung; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE787
2011-05Polarization-selective vortex-core switching by tailored orthogonal Gaussian-pulse currentsYu, Young-Sang; Lee, Ki-Suk; Jung, Hyunsung; Choi, Youn-Seok; Yoo, Myoung-Woo; Han, Dong-Soo; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE845
2009-05Quantitative understanding of magnetic vortex oscillations driven by spin-polarized out-of-plane dc current: Analytical and micromagnetic numerical studyChoi, Youn-Seok; Lee, Ki-Suk; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE793
2008-01Reliable low-power control of ultrafast vortex-core switching with the selectivity in an array of vortex states by in-plane circular-rotational magnetic fields and spin-polarized currentsKim, Sang-Koog; Lee, Ki-Suk; Yu, Young-Sang; Choi, Youn-SeokARTICLE986
2013-02Resonant amplification of vortex-core oscillations by coherent magnetic-field pulsesYu, Young-Sang; Han, Dong-Soo; Yoo, Myoung-Woo; Lee, Ki-Suk; Choi, Youn-Seok; Jung, Hyunsung; Lee, Jehyun; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE825
2011-08Tunable negligible-loss energy transfer between dipolar-coupled magnetic disks by stimulated vortex gyrationJung, Hyunsung; Lee, Ki-Suk; Jeong, Dae-Eun; Choi, Youn-Seok; Yu, Young-Sang; Han, Dong-Soo; Vogel, Andreas; Bocklage, Lars; Meier, Guido; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, Peter; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE945
2008-08Underlying mechanism of domain-wall motions in soft magnetic thin-film nanostripes beyond the velocity-breakdown regimeKim, Sang-Koog; Lee, Jun-Young; Choi, Youn-Seok; Guslienko, Konstantin Yu.; Lee, Ki-SukARTICLE925
2008-11Understanding eigenfrequency shifts observed in vortex gyrotropic motions in a magnetic nanodot driven by spin-polarized out-of-plane dccurrentChoi, Youn-Seok; Kim, Sang-Koog; Lee, Ki-Suk; Yu, Young-SangARTICLE840
2008-12Universal Criterion and Phase Diagram for Switching a Magnetic Vortex Core in Soft Magnetic NanodotsLee, Ki-Suk; Kim, Sang-Koog; Yu, Young-Sang; Choi, Youn-Seok; Guslienko, Konstantin Yu.; Jung, Hyunsung; Fischer, PeterARTICLE735
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16