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Department of Industrial Engineering(산업공학과)

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Research Interests
business process management;management;ERP system;business network;enterprise systems;compliance;process monitoring;프로세스 마이닝;비즈니스 성과 관리;전사적 시스템;데이터마이닝
Lab Description
The Intelligent Enterprise (IEL) Lab focuses on engineering of solutions for efficient and effective "evidence-based" business process management. To do so, we work with process event logs, i.e., logs of information systems that contain "evidence" of the execution of tasks and decisions within a business process. In particular, we apply advanced machine learning techniques to extract knowledge from process event logs and use this knowledge to improve process execution. Recently, we are also interested in blockchain as a tool for re-engineering information exchange and process management across networks of collaborating parties. Specifically, we focus on extending blockchain systems (public and permissioned) to support the assessment of data quality of transaction payloads.

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