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Mun, Soo-Hyun
Division of General Studies
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  • Modern Germany with an emphasis on gender
  • Military conscription
  • Border conflict
  • Population issue


20세기 독일과 덴마크의 국경분쟁 문제 : 'Up ewig ungedeelt' vs. 'Danmark til Ejderen'

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20세기 독일과 덴마크의 국경분쟁 문제 : 'Up ewig ungedeelt' vs. 'Danmark til Ejderen'
Mun, Soo-Hyun
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역사교육, no.103, pp.307 - 334
The Schleswig-Holstein is well known as the most successful case to solve the border conflict in European continent, even though this region has also been conflict-ridden case since A.D. 1232. In analysing the long, protracted struggle in Schleswig-Holstein, this study tries to find out the lessons for the present border problem. After several wars between Denmark and Germany like the First War of Schleswig(1849~1851), the Second War of Schleswig(1864) and the Austro-Pussian war of 1866, peace in Schleswig-Holstein could be established through two steps: At fist, the border line between Denmark and Germany was readjusted according to the conclusion of the plebiscite which was held in 1920 as a result of treaty of Versailles. Secondly, the minority rights on both sides of the border were recognized by the Declaration of Kiel in 1949 and Declaration of Bonn-Kopenhagen in 1955. The key to this exceptionally successful solution was the recognition of the free will on the border region on the one side and the suitable control of that on the other side. The numerous failed trials to this problem in the past shows that neither ignorance of, nor the two much emphasis on the regional circumstance was adequate to the border struggle. As a result, the generally acceptable answer to the border problem seems to be situated in the tension between the respect of the will of people in border region and the control of their regional interest.
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