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Gartner, Anton
DNA Damage Response and Genetic Toxicology
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Caenorhabditis elegans NSE3 homolog (MAGE-1) is involved in genome stability and acts in inter-sister recombination during meiosis

Odiba, Arome SolomonLiao, GuiyanEzechukwu, Chiemekam SamuelZhang, LanlanHong, YeFang, WenxiaJin, ChengGartner, AntonWang, Bin
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GENETICS, v.225, no.2, pp.iyad149
Melanoma antigen (MAGE) genes encode for a family of proteins that share a common MAGE homology domain. These genes are conserved in eukaryotes and have been linked to a variety of cellular and developmental processes including ubiquitination and oncogenesis in cancer. Current knowledge on the MAGE family of proteins mainly comes from the analysis of yeast and human cell lines, and their functions have not been reported at an organismal level in animals. Caenorhabditis elegans only encodes 1 known MAGE gene member, mage-1 (NSE3 in yeast), forming part of the SMC-5/6 complex. Here, we characterize the role of mage-1/nse-3 in mitosis and meiosis in C. elegans. mage-1/nse-3 has a role in inter-sister recombination repair during meiotic recombination and for preserving chromosomal integrity upon treatment with a variety of DNA-damaging agents. MAGE-1 directly interacts with NSE-1 and NSE-4. In contrast to smc-5, smc-6, and nse-4 mutants which cause the loss of NSE-1 nuclear localization and strong cytoplasmic accumulation, mage-1/nse-3 mutants have a reduced level of NSE-1::GFP, remnant NSE-1::GFP being partially nuclear but largely cytoplasmic. Our data suggest that MAGE-1 is essential for NSE-1 stability and the proper functioning of the SMC-5/6 complex. © 2023 The Author(s). Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The Genetics Society of America. All rights reserved.
Genetics Society of America
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C. elegansDNA repairmage-1meiosismitosisSMC-5/6 complex


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