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Oh, Hyondong
Autonomous Systems Lab.
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Multivariable Disturbance Observer-Based Finite-Time Sliding Mode Attitude Control for Fixed-Wing UAVs Under Matched and Mismatched Disturbances

Nguyen, Ngo PhongOh, HyondongMoon, JunKim, Yoonsoo
Issued Date
IEEE Control Systems Letters, v.7, pp.1999 - 2004
In this letter, we propose a multivariable disturbance observer-based finite-time sliding mode attitude control (MDOB-FT-SM-AC) for fixed-wing UAVs in the presence of both matched and mismatched disturbances. Compared with existing sliding mode attitude controllers, the significant improvements of the proposed MDOB-FT-SM-AC are the multivariable control structure, strong robustness, and high precision performance with continuous control input signal. In the proposed MDOB-FT-SM-AC, we first develop multivariable finite-time disturbance observers such that the precise estimation of both matched and mismatched disturbances is ensured. Next, a nonsingular terminal sliding manifold is designed such that the fixed-wing UAV is driven to track its desired attitude command in finite time. We finally present a multivariable super-twisting reaching law such that the finite-time convergence of the sliding variable and its derivative to zero is guaranteed. Attentive finite-time convergence analysis is derived based on the Lyapunov and homogeneity theories. Simulation results are given to illustrate the superiority of the proposed MDOB-FT-SM-AC. © 2017 IEEE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Keyword (Author)
Flight controluncertain systemsvariable-structure/sliding-mode control


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