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Self, James
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Perceptions of product innovativeness and desirability : the influence of an education in design

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Perceptions of product innovativeness and desirability : the influence of an education in design
Kim, Eun JinSelf, James
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디자인학연구, v.26, no.3, pp.25 - 41
Background: Although previous research has contributed to the development of the concept of design innovation, a lack of understanding related to how people actually perceive design innovation still exists. This study aims to investigate perceptions of innovation, and how these perceptions may differ as a result of such factors as background and education. Method: Eleven products were selected from among the winners of the 2012 Reddot design awards as examples of innovative product design. Twenty design students and twenty students from a non-design background assessed the innovativeness and desirability of each product using a 5-point Likert scale. Based on Rampino’s innovation framework (2011), innovativeness of Form, Technology, and Mode of Use were assessed together with holistic innovativeness. Results: The design and non-design students showed significant differences in their perceptions of holistic innovativeness, F (1,38) = 4.372, p < .05. They also perceived Mode of Use differently, indicated by an interaction effect between their major and the types of product they assessed. The results of a correlation analysis between innovativeness and desirability showed that holistic innovativeness is positively related to desirability. In contrast, innovativeness of Technology has a relatively weak relationship to product desire. Conclusion: A greater understanding of how design innovation is perceived provides useful insights which may then be utilized in the design and development of more desirable, innovative products. In this regard, the investigation provides a foundation for successive studies to link the conceptual principle of design innovation to real-world innovation as it is perceived and experienced by the user.
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