SelfJames Andrew
Self, James Andrew

SelfJames Andrew

Department of Design / Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering(디자인학과)

  • Design Practice Research Lab.
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Research Interests
Design Innovation;Research-through-Design;Design thinking;디자인 싱킹;디자인 이노베이션
Lab Description
Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, The Design Practice Research lab (dpr.lab) at the School of Design & Human Engineering, UNIST explores the human ability to design (fundamental), employs design as means to examine relationships between products and people and applies design knowledge in the design of more appropriate product experiences.

Barrera Garza, Bertha PatriciaSelf, James Andrew

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Han, Ga-eulJeong, YunwooSelf, James A.

Article Issue Date2022-03 View20

Kim, JuntaeSelf, James A.Park, Young-Woo

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Han, Ga-eulJeong, YunwooSelf, James A.

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Gabbas, MalikaKim, KwanMyungSelf, James A.

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Self, James A.

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Self, James A.Evans, MarkJun, ThomasSouthee, Darren

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Bea, JieunSelf, James A.Kim, Chajoong

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Self, James A.

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Lee, SoyeonSelf, James A.

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Kim, TaewanSelf, James A.Hong, Hwajung

Article Issue Date2018-11 View11

Kim, ChajoongSelf, James A.Bae, Jieun

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Park, YoonyeeBaek, Joon SangSelf, James A.

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Self, James A.Baek, Joon Sang

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Self, James A.

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Jeong, GeehyukSelf, James A.

Article Issue Date2017-02 View1

Self, James A.Eujin Pei

Article Issue Date2016-06 View3

Self, James A.Evans, MarkKim, Eun Jin

Article Issue Date2016-06 View8

Goo, KyohweSelf, James A.Jeong, Yunwoo

Article Issue Date2016-02 View1

Self, James A.Lee, Seong-geunBang, Hyeonseok

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