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Shin, Myoungsu
Sustainable Structural Systems Lab
Research Interests
  • Seismic design, Tall buildings, High performance composites, Ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation technologies


묶음 대각철근과 고성능 섬유보강 시멘트 복합체를 적용한 세장한 프리캐스트 연결보의 이력거동 평가

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묶음 대각철근과 고성능 섬유보강 시멘트 복합체를 적용한 세장한 프리캐스트 연결보의 이력거동 평가
Other Titles
Cyclic Behavior of Precast Slender Coupling Beams with Bundled Diagonally Reinforcement and High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite(HPFRCC)
Han, Sang WhanYu, Kyung HwanKang, Dong HunLee, KihakShin, Myoungsu
Issue Date
한국지진공학회논문집, v.19, no.2, pp.55 - 62
Shear wall systems behave as individual wall because of openings like window and elevator cage. When coupling beams are installed in shear walls, they will have high strength and stiffness so that be less damaged by lateral loads like earthquake. However, coupling beam is difficult construction method. And arranging reinforcement of slender coupling beams are especially hard. It is because the details of coupling beam provided by ACI 318 are complex. In this paper, experiments were conducted using coupling beams with 3.5 aspect ratio to improve the details of slender coupling beams provided by ACI 318. Two specimens were proposed for this study. One specimen applied with bundled diagonally reinforcement only. Another specimen applied both bundled diagonally reinforcement and High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite (HPFRCC) so that coupling beams have half of transverse reinforcement. All specimen were compared with a coupling beam designed according to ACI 318 and were evaluated with hysteretic behaviors. Test results showed that the performance of two specimen suggested in this study were similar to that of coupling beam designed according to current criteria. And it was considered that simplification of the details of reinforcement would be available if transverse reinforcement was reduced by using bundled diagonally reinforcement and HPFRCC.
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