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Bang, In Cheol
Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics & Reactor Safety Lab
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  • Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics
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원자로 제어봉과 결합된 하이브리드 히트파이프의 CFD 해석

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원자로 제어봉과 결합된 하이브리드 히트파이프의 CFD 해석
Jeong, Yeong ShinKim, Kyung MoKim, In GukBang, In Cheol
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한국유체기계학회 논문집, v.17, no.6, pp.109 - 114
After the Fukushima accident in 2011, it was revealed that nuclear power plant has the vulnerability to SBO accident and its extension situation without sufficient cooling of reactor core resulting core meltdown and radioactive material release even after reactor shutdown. Many safety systems had been developed like PAFS, hybrid SIT, and relocation of RPV and IRWST as a part of steps for the Fukushima accident, however, their applications have limitation in the situation that supply of feedwater into reactor is impossible due to high pressure inside reactor pressure vessel. The concept of hybrid heat pipe with control rod is introduced for breaking through the limitation. Hybrid heat pipe with control rod is the passive decay heat removal system in core, which has the abilities of reactor shutdown as control rod as well as decay heat removal as heat pipe. For evaluating the cooling performance hybrid heat pipe, a commercial CFD code, ANSYS-CFX was used. First, for validating CFD results, numerical results and experimental results with same geometry and fluid conditions were compared to a tube type heat pipe resulting in a resonable agreement between them. After that, wall temperature and thermal resistances of 2 design concepts of hybrid heat pipe were analyzed about various heat inputs. For unit length, hybrid heat pipe with a tube type of B4C pellet has a decreasing tendency of thermal resistance, on the other hand, hybrid heat pipe with an annular type B4C pellet has an increasing tendency as heat input increases.
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