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2013-10Fabricating a multi-level barrier-integrated microfluidic device using grey-scale photolithographyNam, Yoonkwang; Kim, Minseok; Kim, TaesungARTICLE650
2004-08Fabricating complex three-dimensional nanostructures with high-resolution conformable phase masksJeon, S; Park, Jang-Ung; Cirelli, R; Yang, S; Heitzman, CE; Braun, PV; Kenis, PJA; Rogers, JAARTICLE570
2013-05Fabricating functionally graded films with designed gradient profiles using pulsed laser depositionWon, Yoo Jai; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE613
2013-02Fabrication and analysis of enforced dry adhesives with core-shell micropillarsBae, Won-Gyu; Kwak, Moon Kyu; Jeong, Hoon Eui; Pang, Changhyun; Jeong, Hakgeun; Suh, Kahp-YangARTICLE616
2014-03Fabrication and application of a stacked carbon electrode set including a suspended mesh made of nanowires and a substrate-bound planar electrode toward for an electrochemical/biosensor platformLim, Yeongjin; Heo, Jeong-Il; Shin, HeungjooARTICLE816
2011-08Fabrication and Applications of Graphene Oxide-Based Thin FilmsShin, Hyeon Suk; Lee, DongWookMaster's thesis758
2010-11Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminum-Carbon Nanotube Powder and Polycarbonate/Aluminum-Carbon Nanotube CompositesHwang, San Ha; Bang, Dae-Suk; Yoon, Kwan Han; Park, Young-Bin; Lee, Dae-Yeol; Jeong, Sung-SilARTICLE573
2016-10Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube/Carbon Fiber/Polycarbonate Multiscale Hybrid CompositesCho, Beom-Gon; Hwang, Sang-Ha; Park, Young-BinARTICLE351
2012Fabrication and Characterization of Collagen-Immobilized Porous PHBV/HA Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue EngineeringBaek, Jin-Young; Xing, Zhi-Cai; Kwak, Giseop; Yoon, Keun-Byoung; Park, Soo-Young; Park, Lee Soon; Kang, Inn-KyuARTICLE491
2017-08Fabrication and characterization of corrosion-resistant surface layer on Mg-alloys by using large-pulsed electron beam (LPEB) irradiation processPark, Hyung Wook; Lee, Woo JinMaster's thesis367
2018-07Fabrication and characterization of pure-metal-based submillimeter-thick flexible flat heat pipe with innovative wick structuresLee, Daehoon; Byon, ChanARTICLE544
2010-06Fabrication and Characterization of the Capillary Performance of Superhydrophilic Cu Micropost ArraysNam, Youngsuk; Sharratt, Stephen; Byon, Chan; Kim, Sung Jin; Ju, Y. SungtaekARTICLE251
2015-02Fabrication and characterization of the nanofluids by the electrical explosion of the wire in liquid methodPark, Hyung Wook; Park, EunjuDoctoral thesis929
2018-08Fabrication and Effective Application of Strategically Designed Nano-StructuresJang, Ji-Hyun; Kim, KwanghyunDoctoral thesis161
2011-04Fabrication and electrical conductivity of suspended carbon nanofiber arraysSharma, Chandra S.; Katepalli, Hari; Sharma, Ashutosh; Madou, MarcARTICLE475
2009-06Fabrication and electrical properties of platinum nanofibres by electrostatic spinningLee, Hyejin; Choi, Seung-Hoon; Jo, Seong Mu; Kim, Dong Young; Kwak, Soonjong; Cha, Min Whan; Kim, Il-Doo; Jang, Sung-YeonARTICLE72
2007Fabrication and electroluminescence properties of white OLED with three-component, emitting layer: Blue and yellowish-green polymers blend with red dopantKim, Soon Hak; Hur, Youngjune; Kim, Hyun Suk; Choi, Kyu-Han; Han, Yoon Soo; Kwak, Giseop; Kwon, Younghwan; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE574
2020-01Fabrication and Imaging of Monolayer Phosphorene with Preferred Edge Configurations via Graphene-Assisted Layer-by-Layer ThinningLee, Yangjin; Lee, Sol; Yoon, Jun-Yeong; Cheon, Jinwoo; Jeong, Hu Young; Kim, KwanpyoARTICLE39
2014-01Fabrication and Mechanical Behavior of Al-Mg Alloy FerrulesPark, Chan Ho; Jeong, Hu Young; Eom, Gab Sik; Son, Hyeon Taek; Park, Sung SooARTICLE811
2014-08Fabrication and operating characteristics of a flat tubular segmented-in-series solid oxide fuel cell unit bundleKim, Dae-Wi; Yun, Ui-Jin; Lee, Jong-Won; Lim, Tak-Hyoung; Lee, Seung-Bok; Park, Seok-Joo; Song, Rak-Hyun; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE653
Showing results 6565 to 6584 of 20318