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2009-12UV-assisted capillary force lithography for engineering biomimetic multiscale hierarchical structures: From lotus leaf to gecko foot hairsJeong, Hoon Eui; Kwak, Rhokyun; Khademhosseini, Ali; Suh, Kahp Y.ARTICLE767
2012-04UV-curable semi-interpenetrating polymer network-integrated, highly bendable plastic crystal composite electrolytes for shape-conformable all-solid-state lithium ion batteriesHa, Hyo-Jeong; Kil, Eun-Hye; Kwon, Yo Han; Kim, Je Young; Lee, Chang Kee; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE703
2015-02UV-cured Solid-State Composite Polymer Electrolytes for Flexible/Safer Lithium-Ion BatteriesLee, Sang-Young; Kim, Se-HeeMaster's thesis2115
2011-09-19UV-cured trivalent/monovalent acrylate polymer matrix-incorporated gel polymer electrolytes for design-flexible lithium-ion batteryLee, Sang-Young; 길은혜; 하효정CONFERENCE30
2011-04-07UV-cured trivalent/monovalent acrylate polymer matrix를 이용한 겔 고분자 전해질의 기계적 유연성 및 전기화학특성 향상Lee, Sang-Young; 길은혜; 하효정CONFERENCE39
2011-07-05UV-NSOM-Raman spectroscopy for characterizing nano-materials,Park, Kyoung-Duck; Kim, Yong Hwan; Park, Jin Ho; Park, Jung Su; Lee, Hong Seok; Yim, Sang Youp; Lee, Young Hee; Jeong, Mun SeokCONFERENCE44
2018-01-22UWB를 이용한 군집 무인항공기 위치 추정 시스템김명건; 손흥선CONFERENCE73
2010-07V2O5-Coated TiO2 Nanorod ElectrodesKim, Min Gyu; Kim, Hyesun; Cho, JaephilARTICLE733
2014-06Vacancy inter-layer migration in multi-layered grapheneLiu, Lili; Gao, Junfeng; Zhang, Xiuyun; Yan, Tianying; Ding, FengARTICLE117
2018-02Vacancy-driven Na Superionic Conduction in New Ca-doped Na3PS4 for All-Solid-State Na-ion BatteriesJung, Yoon Seok; Moon, Chang KiMaster's thesis295
2018-10Vacancy-Driven Na+ Superionic Conduction in New Ca-Doped Na3PS4 for All-Solid-State Na-Ion BatteriesMoon, Chang Ki; Lee, Hyun-Jae; Park, Kern Ho; Kwak, Hiram; Heo, Jongwook W.; Choi, Keunsu; Yang, Hyemi; Kim, Maeng-Suk; Hong, Seung-Tae; Lee, Jun Hee; Jung, Yoon SeokARTICLE293
2008-10Vacancy-hole and vacancy-tube migration in multiwall carbon nanotubesHuang, J. Y.; Ding, F.; Yakobson, B. I.ARTICLE90
2021-04Vaccination Prioritization Strategies for COVID-19 in Korea: A Mathematical Modeling ApproachChoi, Yongin; Kim, James Slghee; Kim, Jung Eun; Choi, Heejin; Lee, Chang HyeongARTICLE42
2011-08Vacuum tunneling in gravityCho, Yongmin; Pak, D. G.ARTICLE725
2016-10-20Vacuum Ultraviolet Photocatalysis for the Inactivation of Ozone and MS2 Bacteriophage Aerosols on Palladium Deposited TiO2 CatalystKim, Jeonghyun; Jang, JaesungCONFERENCE57
2019-05Vacuum-Deposited Organic Solar Cells Based on a Dicyanovinyl-Terminated Small-Molecule DonorPark, Dasom; Jung, In Hwan; Jang, Sung-Yeon; Yim, SanggyuARTICLE313
2014-03Vacuum-induced wrinkle arrays of InGaAS semiconductor nanomembranes on polydimethylsiloxane microwell arraysUm, Doo-Seung; Lim, Seongdong; Lee, Youngsu; Lee, Hochan; Kim, Hyung-jun; Yen, Wen-Chun; Chueh, Yu-Lun; Ko, HyunhyubARTICLE889
2013-03Vacuum/Compression Valving (VCV) Using Parrafin-Wax on a Centrifugal Microfluidic CD PlatformAl-Faqheri, Wisam; Ibrahim, Fatimah; Thio, Tzer Hwai Gilbert; Moebius, Jacob; Joseph, Karunan; Arof, Hamzah; Madou, MarcARTICLE670
2006-07Valence band structure and band offset of 3C- and 4H-SiC studied by ballistic hole emission microscopyPark, Kibog; Ding, Y.; Pelz, J. P.; Neudeck, P. G.; Trunek, A. J.ARTICLE746
2014-12Validation of 3-D Time Domain Particle-in-Cell Simulations for Cold Testing a W-Band Gyrotron CavitySawant, Ashwini; Kim, Sung Gug; Lin, Ming-Chieh; Kim, Jung Ho; Hong, Yongjun; So, Joonho; Choi, EunMiARTICLE939
Showing results 35001 to 35020 of 40743