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2005-04Programming characteristics of phase change random access memory using phase change simulationsKim, Young-Ta; Hwang, Young-Nam; Lee, Keun-Ho; Lee, Se-Ho; Jeong, Chang-Wook; Ahn, Su-Jin; Yeung, Fai; Koh, Gwan-Hyeob; Jeong, Heong-Sik; Chung, Won-Young; Kim, Tai-Kyung; Park, Young-Kwan; Kim, Ki-Nam; Kong, Jeong-TaekARTICLE143
2014-03Programming galvanostatic rates for fast-charging lithium ion batteries: A graphite caseKo, Younghoon; Cho, Yoon-Gyo; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE809
2011-10Programming magnetic anisotropy in polymeric microactuatorsKim, Jiyun; Chung, Su Eun; Choi, Sung-Eun; Lee, Howon; Kim, Junhoi; Kwon, SunghoonARTICLE640
2013-06Programming structural color and magnetic anisotropy in polymer composite micrustructure for novel biosystemsKim, Jiyun; Lee, H; Kim, J; Kim, H; Kwon, SCONFERENCE36
2016-02-24Progress in 3-D Physics Research in KSTARIn, YongkyoonCONFERENCE22
2013-08Progress in flexible energy storage and conversion systems, with a focus on cable-type lithium-ion batteriesLee, Sang-Young; Choi, Keun-Ho; Choi, Woo-Sung; Kwon, Yo Han; Jung, Hye-Ran; Shin, Heon-Cheol; Kim, Je YoungARTICLE843
2013Progress in Graphene Research at Atomic Scale using Low kV Aberration-corrected TEMLee, ZonghoonCONFERENCE22
2016-04-12Progress in Performance Portability of the XGC Plasma Microturbulence Codes: Heterogeneous and Manycore Node ArchitectureD’Azevedo, Edurado; Adams, Mark; Chang, Choong-Seock; Ethier, Stephane; Hager, Robert; Ku, Seung-Hoe; Lang, Jianying; Shephard, Mark; Worley, Patrick; Yoon, EisungCONFERENCE28
2020-03Progress in silicon microwire solar cellsUm, Han-Don; Lee, Kangmin; Hwang, Inchan; Park, Jeonghwan; Choi, Deokjae; Kim, Namwoo; Kim, Hyungwoo; Seo, KwanyongARTICLE109
2016-04-21Progress of a New Generation Four-Dimensional Ultrafast Electron Microscope for Studying Reversible and Irreversible Structural Dynamics with a High Spatiotemporal Resolution김영재; 권오훈CONFERENCE24
2013-01PROGRESS OF KSTAR 5-GHz LOWER HYBRID CURRENT DRIVE SYSTEMPark, S.; Bae, Y. S.; Kim, J. H.; Do, H.; Kim, H. T.; Kim, K. M.; Kim, H. K.; Kim, H. J.; Han, W. S.; Yang, H. L.; Kwak, J. G.; Namkung, W.; Cho, M. H.; Park, Hyeon Keo; Delpech, L.; Hillairet, J.; Magne, R.; Hoang, G. T.; Litaudon, X.; Wallace, G.; Shiraiwa, S.; Vieira, R.; Doody, J.; Parker, R.ARTICLE527
2018-09Progress of the KSTAR Research Program Exploring the Advanced High Performance and Steady-State Plasma OperationsOh, Yeong-Kook; Yoon, Siwoo; Jeon, Young-Mu; Ko, Won-Ha; Hong, Suk-Ho; Lee, Hyung-Ho; Kwon, Jae-Min; Choi, Minjun; Park, Byung-Ho; Kwak, Jong-Gu; Kim, Woong-Chae; Nam, Yong-Un; Wang, Sonjong; Jeong, Jin-Hyun; Park, Kap-rae; Kim, Yaung-Soo; In, Yongkyoon; Park, Hyeon K.; Yun, Gunsu; Choe, Wonho; Ghim, Young-Chul; Na, Yong-Su; Hwang, Y. S.ARTICLE262
2012-12Progress on first-principles-based materials design for hydrogen storagePark, Noejung; Choi, Keunsu; Hwang, Jeongwoon; Kim, Dong Wook; Kim, Dong Ok; Ihm, JisoonARTICLE629
2015-02-25Progress Report of MHD Code Development for Fusion PlasmaRyu, DongsuCONFERENCE21
2016-06-07Progress Status of the Microwave Imaging Reflectometry(MIR) in KSTARPark, Hyeon Keo; Leem, J; Lee, Woochang; Lee, DJ; Lee, JE; Yun, GS; Kim, Tea-kyu; Park, Hyun; Kim, Kang-wookCONFERENCE36
2013-09Progress toward fully noninductive discharge operation in DIII-D using off-axis neutral beam injectionFerron, J. R.; Holcomb, C. T.; Luce, T. C.; Park, J. M.; Politzer, P. A.; Turco, F.; Heidbrink, W. W.; Doyle, E. J.; Hanson, J. M.; Hyatt, A. W.; In, Yongkyoon; La Haye, R. J.; Lanctot, M. J.; Okabayashi, M.; Petrie, T. W.; Petty, C. C.; Zeng, L.ARTICLE256
2013-04Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities in Two-Dimensional Materials Beyond GrapheneButler, Sheneve Z.; Hollen, Shawna M.; Cao, Linyou; Cui, Yi; Gupta, Jay A.; Gutierrez, Humberto R.; Heinz, Tony F.; Hong, Seung Sae; Huang, Jiaxing; Ismach, Ariel F.; Johnston-Halperin, Ezekiel; Kuno, Masaru; Plashnitsa, Vladimir V.; Robinson, Richard D.; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Salahuddin, Sayeef; Shan, Jie; Shi, Li; Spencer, Michael G.; Terrones, Mauricio; Windl, Wolfgang; Goldberger, Joshua E.ARTICLE35
2017-01Progressive Assessment on the Decomposition Reaction of Na Superionic Conducting CeramicsJung, Jae-Il; Kim, Daekyeom; Kim, Hyojin; Jo, Yong Nam; Park, Jung Sik; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE398
2015-01-05Progressive damage and failure prediction of open hole tension and open hole compression specimensJoseph, Ashith P K; Waas., Anthony M.; Ji, Wooseok; Pineda, Evan J.; Liguore, Salvatore L.; Wanthal, Steven P.CONFERENCE34
2013-01Progressive failure analysis for the interaction of interlaminar and intralaminar failure modes in composite structures with an initial delaminationJi, Wooseok; Waas, A. M.ARTICLE665
Showing results 24221 to 24240 of 38089