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2020-09-04My journey towards zero nanometer gap metamaterialsKim, Dai-SikCONFERENCE7
2011-02Mycelial cultivation of Phellinus linteus using cheese-processing waste and optimization of bioconversion conditionsLee, Changsoo; Lee, Seungyong; Cho, Kyung-Jin; Hwang, SeokhwanARTICLE568
2011-08Myelodysplasia in autosomal dominant and sporadic monocytopenia immunodeficiency syndrome: diagnostic features and clinical implicationsCalvo, Katherine R.; Vinh, Donald C.; Maric, Irina; Wang, Weixin; Noel, Pierre; Stetler-Stevenson, Maryalice; Arthur, Diane C.; Raffeld, Mark; Dutra, Amalia; Pak, Evgenia; Myung, Kyungjae; Hsu, Amy P.; Hickstein, Dennis D.; Pittaluga, Stefania; Holland, Steven M.ARTICLE97
2005-01Myosin II and the Gal-GalNAc lectin play a crucial role in tissue invasion by Entamoeba histolyticaCoudrier, E; Amblard, F; Zimmer, C; Roux, P; Olivo-Marin, JC; Rigothier, MC; Guillen, NARTICLE96
2017-07Myotis rufoniger genome sequence and analyses: M-rufoniger's genomic feature and the decreasing effective population size of Myotis batsBhak, Youngjune; Jeon, Yeonsu; Jeon, Sungwon; Chung, Oksung; Jho, Sungwoong; Jun, JeHoon; Kim, Hak-Min; Cho, Yongsoo; Yoon, Changhan; Lee, Seungwoo; Kang, Jung-Hoon; Lim, Jong-Deock; An, Junghwa; Cho, Yun Sung; Ryu, Doug-Young; Bhak, JongARTICLE498
2012-06-20MyPHRMachines: Lifelong Personal Health Records in the cloudVan Gorp, Pieter; Comuzzi, MarcoCONFERENCE49
2011-05Myricetin: A Naturally Occurring Regulator of Metal-Induced Amyloid-beta Aggregation and NeurotoxicityDeToma, Alaina S.; Choi, Jung-Suk; Braymer, Joseph J.; Lim, Mi HeeARTICLE544
2013-04Myth(s) of creation: Puškin's 'The Blackamoor of Peter the Great'Yoon, SaeraARTICLE839
2015-04(n, N) type maintenance policy for multi-component systems with failure interactionsZhang, Z.; Wu, S.; Li, B.; Lee, SeungchulARTICLE810
2013-10N,N '-Diamidocarbenes Facilitate Selective C-H Insertions and Transfer HydrogenationsMoerdyk, Jonathan P.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE74
2010-04N,N '-Diamidoketenimines via Coupling of Isocyanides to an N-Heterocyclic CarbeneHudnall, Todd W.; Moorhead, Eric J.; Gusev, Dmitry G.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE40
2016-08N,N'-Diamidocarbenes: Isolable Divalent Carbons with Bona Fide Carbene ReactivityMoerdyk, Jonathan P.; Schilter, David; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE603
2012-08N,N,N-Trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles for controlled intranasal delivery of HBV surface antigenSubbiah, Ramesh; Ramalingam, Prakash; Ramasundaram, Subramaniyan; Kim, Do Yang; Park, Kwideok; Ramasamy, Mohan K.; Choi, Kyoung JinARTICLE693
2019-04N- and B-Codoped Graphene: A Strong Candidate To Replace Natural Peroxidase in Sensitive and Selective BioassaysKim, Min Su; Cho, Seongyeon; Joo, Se Hun; Lee, Junsang; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Moon Il; Lee, JinwooARTICLE222
2014-10N-15(2) formation and fast oxygen isotope exchange during pulsed (NO)-N-15-O-18 exposure of MnOx/CeO2Szanyi, J.; Kwak, JahunARTICLE699
2011-12N-Acetylfarnesylcysteine Is a Novel Class of Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor gamma Ligand with Partial and Full Agonist Activity in Vitro and in VivoBhalla, Kavita; Hwang, Bor Jang; Choi, Jang Hyun; Dewi, Ruby; Ou, Lihui; Mclenithan, John; Twaddel, William; Pozharski, Edwin; Stock, Jeffry; Girnum, Geoffrey D.ARTICLE673
2014-01N-acetylglucosamine-conjugated block copolymer consisting of poly(ethylene oxide) and cationic polyaspartamide as a gene carrier for targeting vimentin-expressing cellsKim, You-Kyoung; Singh, Bijay; Jiang, Hu-Lin; Park, Tae-Eun; Jiang, Tao; Park, In-Kyu; Cho, Myung-Haing; Kang, Sang-Kee; Choi, Yun-Jaie; Cho, Chong-SuARTICLE322
2019-01-10N-Acetyly-L-Cysteine-Grafted MOF-808 for Heavy Metal Removal from Aqueous SolutionSeong, Junmo; Lah, Myoung SooCONFERENCE40
2010-12N-Aryl-benzimidazolones as novel small molecule HSP90 inhibitorsBruncko, Milan; Tahir, Stephen K.; Song, Xiaohong; Chen, Jun; Ding, Hong; Huth, Jeffrey R.; Jin, Sha; Judge, Russell A.; Madar, David J.; Park, Chang H.; Park, Cheol-Min; Petros, Andrew M.; Tse, Christin; Rosenberg, Saul H.; Elmore, Steven W.ARTICLE620
Showing results 20341 to 20360 of 38089