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2022-01-23Advanced Color Fundus Photography using Deep Learning for Screening Glaucoma in Low Resource SettingYang, Hyunmo; Ahn, Yujin; You, Joon S.; Kim, Sang Woo; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE253
2022-01-23Advanced Ear Examination using Deep Learning-assisted Mobile OtoscopeAskaruly, Sanzhar; Yang, Hyunmo; Aimakov, Nurbolat; Na, Geoseong; Ahn, Yujin; You, Joon S.; Jang, Gil-Jin; Jang, Jeong Hun; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE224
2022-05Deep-Learning-Based Algorithm for the Removal of Electromagnetic Interference Noise in Photoacoustic Endoscopic Image ProcessingGulenko, Oleksandra; Yang, Hyunmo; Kim, KiSik; Youm, Jin Young; Kim , Minjae; Kim, Yunho; Jung, Woonggyu; Yang, Joon-MoARTICLE409
2021-08-16Development of deep-learning-based high-throughput phenotype screening platform of aquatic model organism embryosYun, Seongmin; Yang, Hyunmo; Askaruly, Sanzhar; Park, Tae Joo; Jung, Woonggyu; Kwon, TaejoonCONFERENCE196
2022-01-24Digital histopathology using optical coherence microscopy(OCM) and deep learningLee, EunJi; Lee, Sangjin; Yang, Hyunmo; Ahn, Yujin; Park, Kibeom; Kim, Myung-Ju; Aimakov, Nurbolat; Eom, Joo Beom; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE279
2019-02Effects of Zygosity on Stochastic Gene Expression of Diploid CellsYang, Hyunmo; Jang, Juneil; Ghim, Cheol-MinARTICLE647
2015-01-12Emergence of Altruism in Spatially Structured PopulationsGhim, Cheol-Min; Yang, HyunmoCONFERENCE172
2019-02Emergence of Cooperation on Complex NetworksGhim, Cheol-Min; Yang, HyunmoDoctoral thesis677
2022-07Encoder-Weighted W-Net for Unsupervised Segmentation of Cervix Region in Colposcopy ImagesPark, Jinhee; Yang, Hyunmo; Roh, Hyun-Jin; Jung, Woonggyu; Jang, Gil-JinARTICLE124
2021-11-05High-throughput Screening Platform for Quantitative Phenotype Analysis of Xenopus laevis with Deep LearningYang, Hyunmo; Askaruly, Sanzhar; Yun, Seongmin; Na, Geoseong; Kwon, Taejoon; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE121
2022-01-23High-throughput Screening with Deep Learning for Quantitative Phenotype Analysis of ZebrafishNa, Geoseong; Yang, Hyunmo; Shin, Unbeom; Kim, Yerim; Askaruly, Sanzhar; Kwon, Taejoon; Lee, Yoonsung; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE232
2021-11-05Label-free Multi-contrast Optical Microscopy Combined with Deep Learning TechniquePark, Inwoo; Nurbolat, Aimakov; Yang, Hyunmo; Choi, Myeong Hoon; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE130
2017-11-12Quantitative Analysis and Prediction of Neuronal Response via One-photon Photolysis of Caged GlutamateYang, Hyunmo; Lee, Jeonghyeon; Choi, Geonho; Ghim, Cheol-Min; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE167
2022-01-23Quantitative Analysis of Mouse Organs Using Coherence Gating Optical Imaging and Tissue Clearing TechniqueKim, Myung-Ju; Park, Kibeom; Kim, Kitae; Na, Myeongsu; Yang, Hyunmo; Ahn, Yujin; Lee, EunJi; Park, Soo-Ah; Chang, Sunghoe; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE270
2017-10-27Quantitative Approach in Optical Control of Neuron using PhotolysisYang, Hyunmo; Lee, Jeonghyeon; Choi, Geonho; Ghim, Cheol-Min; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE189
2020-03Quantitative Screening of Cervical Cancers for Low-Resource Settings: Pilot Study of Smartphone-Based Endoscopic Visual Inspection After Acetic Acid Using Machine Learning TechniquesBae, Jung Kweon; Roh, Hyun-Jin; You, Joon S.; Kim, Kyungbin; Ahn, Yujin; Askaruly, Sanzhar; Park, Kibeom; Yang, Hyunmo; Jang, Gil-Jin; Moon, Kyung Hyun; Jung, WoonggyuARTICLE426
2016-03-15Selection of Cooperation in Spatially Structured PopulationsYang, Hyunmo; Ghim, Cheol-MinCONFERENCE130
2022-01-23The development of digital histopathology platform using quantitative phase imaging and artificial intelligenceAimakov, Nurbolat; Park, Inwoo; Yang, Hyunmo; Lee, Sangjin; Choi, Myunghoon; Askaruly, Sanzhar; Bae, Jung Kweon; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE239
2021-11-06Visualization of whole spinal cord using multi-scale optical coherence imaging and deep learning techniquesLee, Sangjin; Lee, Eunjin; Park, Kibeom; Yang, Hyunmo; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE118
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19