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2015-03Breaking of symmetry in graphene growth on metal substratesArtyukhov, Vasilii I.; Hao, Yufeng; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE796
2007-03Calculating carbon nanotube-catalyst adhesion strengthsLarsson, Peter; Larsson, J. Andreas; Ahuja, Rajeev; Ding, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.; Duan, Haiming; Rosen, Arne; Bolton, KimARTICLE217
2011-06Challenges in hydrogen adsorptions: from physisorption to chemisorptionDing, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE218
2007-12Clustering of Sc on SWNT and reduction of hydrogen uptake: Ab-initio all-electron calculationsKrasnov, Pavel O.; Ding, Feng; Singh, Abhishek K.; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE170
2009-07Comment on "Mechanism for Superelongation of Carbon Nanotubes at High TemperaturesDing, Feng; Huang, Jian Yu; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE182
2008-08Controlled Nanocutting of GrapheneCi, Lijie; Xu, Zhiping; Wang, Lili; Gao, Wei; Ding, Feng; Kelly, Kevin F.; Yakobson, Boris I.; Ajayan, Pulickel M.ARTICLE201
2009-02Dislocation theory of chirality-controlled nanotube growthDing, Feng; Harutyunyan, Avetik R.; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE192
2014-09Edge-Catalyst Wetting and Orientation Control of Graphene Growth by Chemical Vapor Deposition GrowthYuan, Qinghong; Yakobson, Boris I.; Ding, FengARTICLE207
2012-06Efficient Defect Healing in Catalytic Carbon Nanotube GrowthYuan, Qinghong; Xu, Zhiping; Yakobson, Boris I.; Ding, FengARTICLE205
2014-09Energy-Driven Kinetic Monte Carlo Method and Its Application in Fullerene CoalescenceDing, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE205
2010-07Formation mechanism of peapod-derived double-walled carbon nanotubesDing, Feng; Xu, Ziwei; Yakobson, Boris I.; Young, Robert J.; Kinloch, Ian A.; Cui, Shuang; Deng, Libo; Puech, Pascal; Monthioux, MarcARTICLE208
2011-04Graphene Nucleation on Transition Metal Surface: Structure Transformation and Role of the Metal Step EdgeGao, Junfeng; Yip, Joanne; Zhao, Jijun; Yakobson, Boris I.; Ding, FengARTICLE176
2016-02High-throughput screening of metal-porphyrin-like graphenes for selective capture of carbon dioxidePark, Minwoo; Bae, Hyeonhu; Jang, Byungryul; Kang, Yura; Park, Jinwoo; Lee, Hosik; Chung, Haegeun; Chung, ChiHye; Hong, Suklyun; Kwon, Yongkyung; Yakobson, Boris I.; Lee, HoonkyungARTICLE793
2007-03How evaporating carbon nanotubes retain their perfection?Ding, Feng; Jiao, Kun; Lin, Yu; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE181
2016-05How Graphene Islands Are Unidirectionally Aligned on the Ge(110) SurfaceDai, Jiayun; Wang, Danxia; Zhang, Miao; Niu, Tianchao; Li, Ang; Ye, Mao; Qiao, Shan; Ding, Guqiao; Xie, Xiaoming; Wang, Yongqiang; Chu, Paul K.; Yuan, Qinghong; Di, Zengfeng; Wang, Xi; Ding, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE542
2008-07Hydrogen storage by spillover on graphene as a phase nucleation processLin, Yu; Ding, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE167
2009-06In situ observation of graphene sublimation and multi-layer edge reconstructionsHuang, Jian Yu; Ding, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.; Lu, Ping; Qi, Liang; Li, JuARTICLE198
2013Interaction between graphene layers and the mechanisms of graphite's superlubricity and self-retractionXu, Ziwei; Li, Xiuxia; Yakobson, Boris I.; Ding, FengARTICLE158
2008-09Low-temperature single-wall carbon nanotubes synthesis: Feedstock decomposition limited growthMora, Elena; Pigos, John M.; Ding, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.; Harutyunyan, Avetik R.ARTICLE198
2017-11Mechanisms and theoretical simulations of the catalytic growth of nanocarbonsPenev, Evgeni S.; Ding, Feng; Yakobson, Boris I.ARTICLE552
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33