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2012-02A large sample volume magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance probe for in situ investigations with constant flow of reactantsHu, Jian Zhi; Sears, Jesse A.; Mehta, Hardeep S.; Ford, Joseph J.; Kwak, Jahun; Zhu, Kake; Wang, Yong; Liu, Jun; Hoyt, David W.; Peden, Charles H. F.ARTICLE923
2009-05An isotropic chemical shift-chemical shift anisotropic correlation experiment using discrete magic angle turningHu, Jian Zhi; Sears, Jesse A.; Kwak, Jahun; Hoyt, David W.; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H. F.ARTICLE855
2020-08Borophene with Large HolesWang, Yong; Park, Yunjae; Qiu, Lu; Mitchell, Izaac; Ding, FengARTICLE203
2009-07Characterization of Dispersed Heteropoly Acid on Mesoporous Zeolite Using Solid-State P-31 NMR Spin-Lattice RelaxationZhu, Kake; Hu, Jianzhi; She, Xiaoyan; Liu, Jun; Nie, Zimin; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H. F.; Kwak, JahunARTICLE774
2011-12Characterizing Surface Acidic Sites in Mesoporous-Silica-Supported Tungsten Oxide Catalysts Using Solid-State NMR and Quantum Chemistry CalculationsHu, Jian Zhi; Kwak, Jahun; Wang, Yong; Hu, Mary Y.; Turcu, Romulus V.; Peden, Charles H. F.ARTICLE704
2008-03Direct observation of the active center for methane dehydroaromatization using an ultrahigh field Mo-95 NMR spectroscopyZheng, Heng; Ma, Ding; Bao, Xinhe; Hu, Jian Zhi; Kwak, Jahun; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H. F.ARTICLE769
2006-03Effects of crystallinity on dilute acid hydrolysis of cellulose by cellulose ball-milling studyZhao, Haibo; Kwak, Jahun; Wang, Yong; Franz, James A.; White, John M.; Holladay, Johnathan E.ARTICLE854
2008-08Effects of Novel Supports on the Physical and Catalytic Properties of Tungstophosphoric Acid for Alcohol Dehydration ReactionsHerrera, Jose E.; Kwak, Jahun; Hu, Jian Zhi; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H. F.ARTICLE712
2009-05Enhanced activity and stability of Pt catalysts on functionalized graphene sheets for electrocatalytic oxygen reductionKou, Rong; Shao, Yuyan; Wang, Donghai; Engelhard, Mark H.; Kwak, Jahun; Wang, Jun; Viswanathan, Vilayanur V.; Wang, Chongmin; Lin, Yuehe; Wang, Yong; Aksay, Ilhan A.; Liu, JunARTICLE767
2016-04High field Al-27 MAS NMR and TPD studies of active sites in ethanol dehydration using thermally treated transitional aluminas as catalystsHu, Jian Zhi; Xu, Suochang; Kwak, Jahun; Hu, mary Y; Wan, Chuan; Zhao, Zhenchao; Szanyi, Janos; Bao, Xinho; Han, Xiuwen; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H. F.ARTICLE978
2021-02High-Field One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Al-27 Magic-Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of theta-, delta-, and gamma-Al2O3 Dominated Aluminum Oxides: Toward Understanding the Al Sites in gamma-Al2O3Xu, Suochang; Jaegers, Nicholas R.; Hu, Wenda; Kwak, Ja Hun; Bao, Xinhe; Sun, Junming; Wang, Yong; Hu, Jian ZhiARTICLE140
2021-01Highly crystalline acceptor materials based on benzodithiophene with different amount of fluorine substitution on alkoxyphenyl conjugated side chains for organic photovoltaicsZhang, Youdi; Ma, Ruijie; Wang, Yong; Wang, Ying; Liu, Tao; Xiao, Yiqun; Cho, Yongjoon; Luo, Zhenghui; Lu, Xinhui; Zhao, Lun; Yuan, Zhongyi; Yang, Changduk; Yan, He; Chen, YiwangARTICLE78
2012-06Highly Dispersed and Active ReOx on Alumina-Modified SBA-15 Silica for 2-Butanol DehydrationShe, Xiaoyan; Kwak, Jahun; Sun, Junming; Hu, Jianzhi; Hu, Mary Y.; Wang, Chongmin; Peden, Charles H. F.; Wang, YongARTICLE955
2022-08Identification of the mechanism of NO reduction with ammonia (SCR) on zeolite catalystsKhivantsev, Konstantin; Kwak, Ja Hun; Jaegers, Nicholas R.; Koleva, Iskra Z.; Vayssilov, Georgi N.; Derewinski, Miroslaw A.; Wang, Yong; Aleksandrov, Hristiyan A.; Szanyi, JanosARTICLE41
2007-01Interactions between cellulose and N-methylmorpholine-N-oxideZhao, Haibo; Kwak, Jahun; Wang, Yong; Franz, James A.; White, John M.; Holladay, Johnathan E.ARTICLE936
2005-05Line narrowing in H-1 MAS spectrum of mesoporous silica by removing adsorbed H2O using N-2Hu, Jian Zhi; Kwak, Jahun; Herrera, Jose E.; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H.F.ARTICLE767
2014-02Molecular active sites in heterogeneous Ir-La/C-catalyzed carbonylation of methanol to acetatesKwak, Jahun; Dagle, Robert; Tustin, Gerald C.; Zoeller, Joseph R.; Allard, Lawrence F.; Wang, YongARTICLE891
2010-01Nanoscale Si coating on the pore walls of SnO2 nanotube anode for Li rechargeable batteriesLee, Woo Jin; Park, Mi-Hee; Wang, Yong; Lee, Jim Yang; Cho, JaephilARTICLE839
2007-11Oxidation of Ethanol to Acetaldehyde over Na-promoted vanadium oxide catalystsChimentao, Ricardo J.; Herrera, Jose E.; Kwak, Jahun; Medina, F.; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H.F.ARTICLE842
2009-02Studies of the Active Sites for Methane Dehydroaromatization Using Ultrahigh-Field Solid-State Mo-95 NMR SpectroscopyHu, Jian Zhi; Kwak, Jahun; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H. F.; Zheng, Heng; Ma, Ding; Bao, XinheARTICLE825
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