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2010-102D elastic analysis of the sandwich panel buckling problem: benchmark solutions and accurate finite element formulationsJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE1091
2013-04-08A predictive model for the compressive strength of 3D woven textile compositesJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.CONFERENCE332
2012-06Accurate buckling load calculations of a thick orthotropic sandwich panelJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE1084
2016-11Benchmark solutions and assessment of variable kinematics models for global and local buckling of sandwich strutsD'Ottavio, Michele; Polit, Olivier; Ji, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE1032
2018-07Computational model for virtually characterizing two-dimensional tri-axially braided composites using realistic microstructural detailsHeinrich, Christian; Ji, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE1003
2011-04-04Computational modeling of failure in composite structures including uncertainties in material and geometrical propertiesJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.; Ng, Wei Heok; Gustafson, Peter .A.; Pineda, Evan J.; Raveendra, Ravi S.T.CONFERENCE379
2008-10Dynamic bifurcation buckling of an impacted columnJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE995
2017-11Dynamic failure of a sandwich structure subjected to an in-plane axial impactJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE1039
2010-07Errors Caused by Non-Work-Conjugate Stress and Strain Measures and Necessary Corrections in Finite Element ProgramsJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.; Bazant, Zdenek P.ARTICLE935
2015-01-06Face-on and edge-on impact response of composite laminatesJi, Wooseok; Sunil P. Sringeri; Solver I. Thorsson; Kosztowny, c; Waas, Anthony M.; Liguore, Salvatore L.CONFERENCE357
2007-02Global and local buckling of a sandwich beamJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE957
2016-01-08Modeling axial impact response of sandwich panels using probability-based finite element analysisJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.CONFERENCE257
2019-03Modeling compressive response of 3D woven textile composites accounting for microscale geometric uncertaintiesJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE802
2013-07On the Importance of Work-Conjugacy and Objective Stress Rates in Finite Deformation Incremental Finite Element AnalysisJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.; Bazant, Zdenek P.ARTICLE1159
2014-01-13Single edge notch tension test on cross-ply laminated composites for intralaminar fracture propertiesBoyd, Stewart; Joseph, Ashith; Waas, Anthony M.; Ji, WooseokCONFERENCE250
2013-01The Temporal Evolution of Buckling in a Dynamically Impacted ColumnJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE1027
2014-01The Two-Dimensional Elasticity Solution for the Buckling of a Thick Orthotropic Ring Under External Pressure LoadingJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE1303
2008-06Wrinkling and edge buckling in orthotropic sandwich beamsJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE995
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18