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2008-08A method to measure the electron temperature and density of a laser-produced plasma by Raman scatteringJang, H.; Hur, Min Sup; Lee, J. M.; Cho, M. H.; Namkung, W.; Suk, H.ARTICLE834
2022-02Coherent terahertz radiation generation by a flattened Gaussian laser beam at a plasma-vacuum interfaceGupta, D. N.; Jain, A.; Kulagin, V. V.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.ARTICLE68
2007-04Comment on "Electron acceleration by a chirped Gaussian laser pulse in vacuum" [Phys. Plasmas 13, 123108 (2006)]Gupta, D. N.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.ARTICLE791
2006-11Energy exchange during stimulated Raman scattering of a relativistic laser in a plasmaGupta, D. N.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.ARTICLE710
2008-09Evolution of a high-density electron beam in the field of a super-intense laser pulseKulagin, V. V.; Cherepenin, V. A.; Hur, Min Sup; Lee, J.; Suk, H.ARTICLE733
2012-04Feasibility study of the plasma electron density measurement by electromagnetic radiation from the laser-driven plasma waveJang, D. G.; Kim, J. J.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.ARTICLE854
2021-05Investigation of electron beam parameters in laser wakefield acceleration using skewed laser pulse and external magnetic fieldGopal, K.; Gupta, D. N.; Jain, A.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.ARTICLE170
2016-03Large-scale magnetic field generation by asymmetric laser-pulse interactions with a plasma in low-intensity regimeGopal, K; Gupta, D. N.; Kim, Y. K.; Hur, M. S.; Suk, H.ARTICLE833
2015-05Onset of stimulated Raman scattering of a laser in a plasma in the presence of hot drifting electronsGupta, Devki Nandan; Yadav, Pinki; Jang, Donggyu; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, H.; Avinash, K.ARTICLE862
2007-07Quasi-monoenergetic electron-beam generation using a laser accelerator for ultra-short X-ray sourcesKim, J.; Jang, H.; Yoo, S.; Hur, Min Sup; Hwang, I.; Lim, J.; Kulagin, V.; Suk, H.; Choi, I. W.; Hafz, N.; Kim, H. T.; Hong, K.-H.; Yu, T. J.; Sung, J. H.; Jeong, T. M.; Noh, Y.-C.; Ko, D.-K.; Lee, J.ARTICLE838
2012-10Relativistic terahertz pulse generation by non-linear interaction of a high-power fs laser with underdense plasmasKim, J. J.; Jang, D. G.; Hur, Min Sup; Jang, H.; Suk, H.ARTICLE826
2022-01Review of laser-plasma physics research and applications in KoreaBang, W.; Cho, B., I; Cho, M. H.; Cho, M. S.; Chung, Moses; Hur, Min Sup; Kang, G.; Kang, K.; Kang, T.; Kim, C.; Kim, H. N.; Kim, J.; Kim, K. B.; Kim, K. N.; Kim, M.; Kim, M. S.; Kumar, M.; Lee, H.; Lee, H. W.; Lee, K.; Nam, I; Park, S. H.; Phung, V; Ryu, W. J.; Shin, S. Y.; Song, H. S.; Song, J.; Won, J.; Suk, H.ARTICLE105
2015-04Strong terahertz emission from electromagnetic diffusion near cutoff in plasmaCho, M-H; Kim, Y-K; Suk, H.; Ersfeld, B.; Jaroszynski, D. A.; Hur, Min SupARTICLE733
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13