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Seo, EunkyoLee, Myong-InReichle, Rolf H.

Article Issue Date2021-02 View11

Seo, Eunkyo

Thesis Issue Date2019-08 View10

Seo, EunkyoLee, Myong-InJeong, Jee-Hoon

Conference Paper Issue Date2015-10-13 View3

Seo, EunkyoLee, Myong-InJeong, Jee-Hoon

Conference Paper Issue Date2015-10-26 View3

Lee, JaesePark, SuminIm, JunghoYoo, CheolheeSeo, Eunkyo

Article Issue Date2022-06 View6

Kim, DongminLee, Myong-InSeo, Eunkyo

Article Issue Date2019-01 View5

Seo, EunkyoKim, DongminLee, Myong-InSchubert, Siegfried D.Lim, Young-Kwon

Conference Paper Issue Date2015-04-20 View3

Park, SeonyoungLee, JaeseYeom, JongminSeo, EunkyoIm, Jungho

Article Issue Date2022-12 View3

Park, SeonyoungSeo, EunkyoKang, DaehyunIm, JunghoLee, Myong-In

Article Issue Date2018-11 View10

Lee, Myong-InSeo, EunkyoChoi, NakbinTak, Sunlae

Conference Paper Issue Date2023-07-13 View11

Seo, EunkyoDongmin KimLee, Myong-InSchubert, Siegfried D.Young-Kwon Lim

Conference Paper Issue Date2014 View5

Seo, EunkyoLee, Myong-InJeong, Jee-HoonKang, Hyun-SukWon, Duk-Jin

Article Issue Date2016-03 View4