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2014-11Electrical responses of short-channel organic transistor prepared by solution-processed organic crystal wire maskNa, Hanah; Cho, Hyejin; Sim, Kyoseung; Shim, Hyunseok; Kim, Sung-Jin; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE99
2016Facile synthesis of arylthiophenyl-functionalized diketopyrrolopyrrole derivatives via direct C-H arylation: characterization and utilization in organic electronic devicesPalai, Akshaya Kumar; Kumar, Amit; Sim, Kyoseung; Kwon, Jaehyuk; Shin, Tae Joo; Jang, Soonmin; Cho, Sungwoo; Park, Seung-Un; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE119
2009-11Flexible complementary inverter with low-temperature processable polymeric gate dielectric on a plastic substrateChoi, Youngill; Kim, Hyojoong; Sim, Kyoseung; Park, KeeChan; Im, Chan; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE136
2013-12Growth of n-type organic semiconductor for low-voltage transistors based on an ALD grown Al2O3 gate dielectricNa, Hanah; Shin, Tae Joo; Sim, Kyoseung; Chirawatkul, Prae; Kim, Sangwook; Heo, Kwan-Jun; Kim, Sung-Jin; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE116
2018-05High-performance organic transistors based on solution-processed rubrene crystals directly grown on a polymeric dielectricSim, Kyoseung; Na, Hanah; Park, Junyong; Lee, Junghyun; Do, Junghwan; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE174
2010-03Investigation of organic n-type field-effect transistor performance on the polymeric gate dielectricsMukherjee, Moumita; Mukherjee, Biswanath; Choi, Youngill; Sim, Kyoseung; Do, Junghwan; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE108
2011-05Light Sensing in a Photoresponsive, Organic-Based Complementary InverterKim, Sungyoung; Lim, Taehoon; Sim, Kyoseung; Kim, Hyojoong; Choi, Youngill; Park, Keechan; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE96
2008-10Low temperature, solution processable organic thin-film transistors using a high chemical and thermal resistive polymeric gate dielectricSim, Kyoseung; Choi, Youngill; Kim, Hyojoong; Cho, Sungwoo; Pyo, SeungmoonCONFERENCE105
2013-05Non-functionalized soluble diketopyrrolopyrrole: Simplest p-channel core for organic field-effect transistorsPalai, Akshaya K.; Cho, Hyejin; Cho, Sungwoo; Shin, Tae Joo; Jang, Soonmin; Park, Seung-Un; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE114
2012-20Organic phototransistors based on solution grown, ordered single crystalline arrays of a pi-conjugated moleculeMukherjee, Biswanath; Sim, Kyoseung; Shin, Tae Joo; Lee, Junghyun; Mukherjee, Moumita; Ree, Moonhor; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE114
2010-20Periodic arrays of organic crystals on polymer gate dielectric for low-voltage field-effect transistors and complementary inverterMukherjee, Biswanath; Shin, Tae Joo; Sim, Kyoseung; Mukherjee, Moumita; Lee, Junghyun; Kim, Sung Hoon; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE120
2019-04Polymer binder assisted, solution processed cyanophenyl functionalized diketopyrrolopyrrole microwire for n-channel field-effect transistorsSim, Kyoseung; Palai, Akshaya K.; Tarsoly, Gergely; Na, Hanah; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE134
2009-05Soluble pentacene thin-film transistor using a high solvent and heat resistive polymeric dielectric with low-temperature processability and its long-term stabilitySim, Kyoseung; Choi, Youngill; Kim, Hyojoong; Cho, Sungwoo; Yoon, Sung Cheol; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE110
2011-02Solution processed, aligned arrays of TCNQ micro crystals for low-voltage organic phototransistorMukherjee, Biswanath; Mukherjee, Moumita; Sim, Kyoseung; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE96
2014-08Solution-grown single-crystalline microwires of a molecular semiconductor with improved charge transport propertiesPalai, Akshaya K.; Lee, Jihee; Shin, Tae Joo; Kumar, Amit; Park, Seung-Un; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE115
2014-06Symmetrically functionalized diketopyrrolopyrrole with alkylated thiophene moiety: from synthesis to electronic devices applicationsPalai, Akshaya K.; Lee, Jihee; Jea, Minkyung; Na, Hanah; Shin, Tae Joo; Jang, Soonmin; Park, Seung-Un; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE97
2018-03Synthesis and structural analysis of dimethylaminophenyl-end-capped diketopyrrolopyrrole for highly stable electronic devices with polymeric gate dielectricKumar, Amit; Palai, Akshaya Kumar; Shin, Tae Joo; Kwon, Jaehyuk; Pyo, SeungmoonARTICLE650
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17