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2019-02-03A smartphone-based endoscopy for triage of cervical cancerBae, Jung Kweon; Roh, Hyun-jin; Kim, Kyungbin; Ahn, Yujin; Park, Kibeom; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE316
2022-04-20Alternation of replication protein A binding mode on single-stranded DNA by NSMF potentiates RPA phosphorylation by ATR kinaseKang, Yujin; Han, Ye Gi; Khim, Keon Woo; Choi, Woo Gyun; Ju, Min Kyung; Park, Kibeom; Choi, Jang Hyun; Kim, Hongtae; Lee, Ja YilCONFERENCE520
2022-01-25Automated Serial Optical Coherence Microscopy toward Statistical 3D Digital HistopathologyPark, Kibeom; Ahn, Yujin; Lee, Sangjin; Lee, Eunju; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE260
2018-11-08Deep Tissue Visualization using Clearing Technique and Optical Coherence TomographyKim, Myung Ju; Lee, Ga Hyang; Ahn, Yujin; Park, Kibeom; Askaruly, Sanzhar; Bae, Jung Kweon; Aiomakov, Nurbolat; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE301
2016-07Depth enhancement in spectral domain optical coherence tomography using bidirectional imaging modality with a single spectrometerRavichandran, Naresh Kumar; Wijesinghe, Ruchire Eranga; Shirazi, Muhammad Faizan; Park, Kibeom; Jeon, Mansik; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE1021
2014-01Development of real-time dual-display handheld and bench-top hybrid-mode SD-OCTsCho, Nam Hyun; Park, Kibeom; Wijesinghe, Ruchire Eranga; Shin, Yong Seung; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE1199
2022-01-24Digital histopathology using optical coherence microscopy(OCM) and deep learningLee, EunJi; Lee, Sangjin; Yang, Hyunmo; Ahn, Yujin; Park, Kibeom; Kim, Myung-Ju; Aimakov, Nurbolat; Eom, Joo Beom; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE435
2019-12GCA links TRAF6-ULK1-dependent autophagy activation in resistant chronic myeloid leukemiaHan, Seung Hun; Korm, Sovannarith; Han, Ye Gi; Choi, Soo-Young; Kim, Soo-Hyun; Chung, Hee Jin; Park, Kibeom; Kim, Jae-Young; Myung, Kyungjae; Lee, Joo-Yong; Kim, Hongtae; Kim, Dong-WookARTICLE740
2017-03In vivo 3D imaging of the human tympanic membrane using a wide-field diagonal-scanning optical coherence tomography probePark, Kibeom; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jang, Jeong Hun; Lee, Sang Heun; Kim, Pilun; Jeon, Mansik; Boppart, Stephen A.; Kim, Jeehyun; Jung, WoonggyuARTICLE758
2018-10-30Monitoring of 3D Vascular Networks Produced by Geometrical Regulation of Angiogenesis using Optical Coherence Tomography (Pilot Study)Ahn, Yujin; Son, Jeong Hyun; Park, Kibeom; Askaruly, Sanzhar; Bae, Jung Kweon; Kang, Hyunwook; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE265
2019-02-05Multi-scale tissue imaging based on serial block-face optical coherence microscopy (SB-OCM)Ahn, Yujin; Park, Kibeom; Bae, Jung Kweon; Min, Eunjung; Ban, Sungbea; Lee, Yong-Jin; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE320
2018-04Optical assessment of the in vivo tympanic membrane status using a handheld optical coherence tomography-based otoscopePark, Kibeom; Cho, Nam Hyun; Jeon, Mansik; Lee, Sang Heun; Jang, Jeong Hun; Boppart, Stephen A.; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, JeehyunARTICLE795
2022-01-23Quantitative Analysis of Mouse Organs Using Coherence Gating Optical Imaging and Tissue Clearing TechniqueKim, Myung-Ju; Park, Kibeom; Kim, Kitae; Na, Myeongsu; Yang, Hyunmo; Ahn, Yujin; Lee, EunJi; Park, Soo-Ah; Chang, Sunghoe; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE392
2020-03Quantitative Screening of Cervical Cancers for Low-Resource Settings: Pilot Study of Smartphone-Based Endoscopic Visual Inspection After Acetic Acid Using Machine Learning TechniquesBae, Jung Kweon; Roh, Hyun-Jin; You, Joon S.; Kim, Kyungbin; Ahn, Yujin; Askaruly, Sanzhar; Park, Kibeom; Yang, Hyunmo; Jang, Gil-Jin; Moon, Kyung Hyun; Jung, WoonggyuARTICLE582
2022-11Reciprocal interactions among Cobll1, PACSIN2, and SH3BP1 regulate drug resistance in chronic myeloid leukemiaPark, Kibeom; Yoo, Hee-Seop; Oh, Chang-Kyu; Lee, Joo Rak; Chung, Hee Jin; Kim, Ha-Neul; Kim, Soo-Hyun; Kee, Kyung-Mi; Kim, Tong Yoon; Kim, Myungshin; Kim, Byung-Gyu; Ra, Jae Sun; Myung, Kyungjae; Kim, Hongtae; Han, Seung Hun; Seo, Min-Duk; Lee, Yoonsung; Kim, Dong-WookARTICLE902
2021-12RNF126 is a positive regulator of TRAF3 ubiquitinationKim, Soomi; Park, Kibeom; Oh, Jung-Min; Kim, HongtaeARTICLE385
2020-04Serial optical coherence microscopy for label-free volumetric histopathologyMin, Eunjung; Ban, Sungbea; Lee, Junwon; Vavilin, Andrey; Baek, Songyee; Jung, Sunwoo; Ahn, Yujin; Park, Kibeom; Shin, Sungwon; Han, SoHyun; Cho, Hyungjoon; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Kim, Jeehyun; Lee, C. Justin; Jung, WoonggyuARTICLE668
2021-11-06Visualization of whole spinal cord using multi-scale optical coherence imaging and deep learning techniquesLee, Sangjin; Lee, Eunjin; Park, Kibeom; Yang, Hyunmo; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE269
2019-02-20Volumetric Visualization of Spinal Cord Using Optical Coherence Tomography and Clearing TechniqueShin, Woo Hee; Lee, Ga Hyang; Park, Kibeom; Ahn, Yujin; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE295
2023-01ZNF212 promotes genomic integrity through direct interaction with TRAIPChung, Hee Jin; Lee, Joo Rak; Kim, Tae Moon; Kim, Soomi; Park, Kibeom; Kim, Myung-Jin; Jung, Eunyoung; Kim, Subin; Ra, Jae Sun; Hwang, Sunyoung; Lee, Ja Yil; Scharer, Orlando D.; Kim, Yonghwan; Myung, Kyungjae; Kim, HongtaeARTICLE1048
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