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2005Annealing-temperature effect on various cutoff-voltage electrochemical performances in AlPO4-Nanoparticle-Coated LiCoO2Cho, Jaephil; Kim, Byoungsoo; Lee, Joon-Gon; Kim, Young-Woon; Park, ByungwooARTICLE697
2005-08Comparison of Al2O3- and AlPO4-coated LiCoO2 cathode materials for a Li-ion cellCho, Jaephil; Kim, Tae-Gon; Kim, Chunjoong; Lee, Joon-Gon; Kim, Young-Woon; Park, ByungwooARTICLE804
2005-07Control of AlPO4-nanoparticle coating on LiCoO2 by using water or ethanolCho, Jaephil; Lee, Joon-Gon; Kim, Byoungsoo; Kim, Tae-Gon; Kim, Jisuk; Park, ByungwooARTICLE684
2004-02Correlation between local strain and cycle-life performance of AlPO4-coated LiCoO2 cathodesKim, Byoungsoo; Lee, Joon-Gon; Choi, Myungsuk; Cho, Jaephil; Park, ByungwooARTICLE669
2005-01Direct carbon-black coating on LiCoO2 cathode using surfactant for high-density Li-ion cellKim, Jisuk; Kim, Byoungsoo; Lee, Joon-Gon; Cho, Jaephil; Park, ByungwooARTICLE775
2003-04Electrochemical stability of thin-film LiCoO2 cathodes by aluminum-oxide coatingKim, Yong Jeong; Kim, Hyemin; Kim, Byoungsoo; Ahn, Donggi; Lee, Joon-Gon; Kim, Tae-Joon; Son, Dongyeon; Cho, Jaephil; Kim, Young-Woon; Park, ByungwooARTICLE798
2006-03Enhancement of the electrochemical properties of o-LiMnO2 cathodes at elevated temperature by lithium and fluorine additionsKim, Tae-Joon; Son, Dongyeon; Cho, Jaephil; Park, ByungwooARTICLE732
2003-12Suppression of cobalt dissolution from the LiCoO2 cathodes with various metal-oxide coatingsKim, Yong Jeong; Cho, Jaephil; Kim, Tae-Joon; Park, ByungwooARTICLE746
2007-02Suppression of structural degradation of LiNi0.9Co0.1O2 cathode at 90 degrees C by AlPO4-nanoparticle coatingAhn, Donggi; Lee, Joon-Gon; Lee, Jin Sun; Kim, Jisuk; Cho, Jaephil; Park, ByungwooARTICLE713
2012-08The role of carbon incorporation in SnO2 nanoparticles for Li rechargeable batteriesNam, Seunghoon; Kim, Sungsoo; Wi, Sungun; Choi, Hongsik; Byun, Sujin; Choi, Soon-Mi; Yoo, Sang-Im; Lee, Kyu Tae; Park, ByungwooARTICLE703
2012-12Trigonal Na4Ti5O12 Phase as an Intercalation Host for Rechargeable BatteriesWoo, Seung Hee; Park, Yuwon; Choi, Woo Yeong; Choi, Nam-Soon; Nam, Seunghoon; Park, Byungwoo; Lee, Kyu TaeARTICLE1388
2015-04Wrapping SnO2 with porosity-tuned graphene as a strategy for high-rate performance in lithium battery anodesNam, Seunghoon; Yang, Seung Jae; Lee, Sangheon; Kim, Jaewon; Kang, Joonhyeon; Oh, Jun Young; Park, Chong Rae; Moon, Taeho; Lee, Kyu Tae; Park, ByungwooARTICLE912
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12