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2015-08-09Biodegradable, mesoporous silica nanoparticles for intracellular stimulus induced drug delivery with non-covalent protein gatekeepersOh, Junyong; Palanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE154
2015-08-09Charge Conversional Non-covalent Polymer Gatekeepers for Dual Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Drug Delivery with Hallow Nanocontainers for Stimulus Induced Controlled DeliveryPalanikumar, L; Jeena, Manayath Thekkeyil; Oh, Joon Yong; Choi, Eun Seong; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE120
2018-10Cloaking nanoparticles with protein corona shield for targeted drug deliveryOh, Jun Yong; Kim, Hansol; Palanikumar, L; Go, Eun Min; Jana, Batakrishna; Park, Soo Ah; Kim, Ho Young; Kim, Kibeom; Seo, Jeong Kon; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Chaekyu; Kang, Sebyung; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE783
2015-08Cytocompatible In Situ Cross-Linking of Degradable LbL Films Based on Thiol-Exchange ReactionYang, Sung Ho; Choi, Jinsu; Palanikumar, L; Choi, Eun Seong; Lee, Juno; Kim, Juan; Choi, Insung S.; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE783
2017-04-19Enhanced precision of in-vivo stable non-covalent polymergatekeepers in mesoporous silica nanoparticles for hydrophobic drug delivery in tumor therapyPalanikumar, L; 유자형CONFERENCE190
2018-03-30Enzyme responsive MOF gate keeper system for dual cancer therapyKim, Kibeom; Lee, Sungmin; Palanikumar, L; Nam, Jung Seung; Kwon, Tae-Hyuk; Choe, Wonyoung; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE177
2015-04-15Hydrophobic drug delivery platform with polymer gatekeepers in mesoporous silica nanostructuresPalanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE119
2014-11-06In-Situ Covalently Interlayer Cross-linked Layer-by-Layer Assembled Mesoporous Silica for Hydrophobic Drug DeliveryPalanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE85
2017-02-28Intra-mitochondrial assembly of peptide amphiphiles to induce mitochondrial dysfunctionJeena, M.T.; Palanikumar, L; Go, Eun Min; Kim, In-Hae; Kang, Myoung Gyun; Lee, Seon Ik; Park, Sooham; Choi, Huyeon; Kim, Chaekyu; Jin, SM; Rhee, Hyun-Woo; Lee, Eunji; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE160
2015-04-15Intracellular stimulus responsive non-covalent peptide gatekeepers in hallow mesoporous silica platform for targeted drug deliveryOh, Junyong; Palanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE118
2015-04-15Light-triggered drug release from a gold nanorod contained composite membraneChoi, Mincheol; Kim, Kibum; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Park, Myunghwan; Palanikumar, LCONFERENCE118
2019-10Mitochondrial Heat Shock Protein-Guided Photodynamic TherapyThomas, Ajesh P.; Lee, An-Jung; Palanikumar, L; Jana, Batakrishna; Kim, Kibeom; Kim, Sangpil; Ok, Haewon; Seol, Jihoon; Kim, Dongseok; Kang, Byoung Heon; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE433
2015-08-09Mitochondrial localization of short peptide for cancer cell death based on self assemblyJeena, Manayath Thekkeyil; Palanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE121
2019-08MOF × Biopolymer: Collaborative Combination of Metal-Organic Framework and Biopolymer for Advanced Anticancer TherapyKim, Kibeom; Lee, Sungmin; Jin, Eunji; Palanikumar, L; Lee, Jeong Hyeon; Kim, Jin Chul; Nam, Jung Seung; Jana, Batakrishna; Kwon, Tae-Hyuk; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Choe, Wonyoung; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE689
2013-09-26Polymer caged mesoporous silica nanoparticles for doxorubicin drug deliveryPalanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE105
2015-10-15Purine Scaffold Hsp inhibitors and theranosticsAjesh, Thomas P.; Palanikumar, L; Park, Jae-Hyeong; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE132
2017-06-08Redox responsive noncovalent polymer gatekeeper colloidal and biodegradable mesoporous silica nanoparticles for targeted drug deliveryPalanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE89
2015-03-27Stimuli responsive mesoporous silica nanoparticles capped with noncovalent polymer-gatekeeper for targeted drug deliveryChoi, Sun Seong; Palanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE102
2014-10-06Stimuli Responsive Noncovalent Polymer-Gatekeeper Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug DeliveryPalanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE95
2014-03-28Stimuli responsive polymer capped mesoporous silica nano structures for the intracellular delivery of hydrophillic drugs in tumor targeted therapyPalanikumar, L; Ryu, Ja-HyoungCONFERENCE87
Showing results 1 to 20 of 25