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Shin, Eul-YongCho, Hye JinJung, SungwooYang, ChangdukNoh, Yong-Young

Article Issue Date2018-01 View4

Kim, BongSooNoh, Yong-YoungJung, A-RaNketia-Yawson, Benjamin

Conference Paper Issue Date2017-09-01 View3

Lee, Kyu CheolPark, Won-TaeNoh, Yong-YoungYang, Changduk

Article Issue Date2014-04 View5

Lee, JunghoShin, Eun-SolKim, Yeon-JuNoh, Yong-YoungYang, Changduk

Article Issue Date2020-01 View5

Park, Won-TaeKim, GyoungsikYang, ChangdukLiu, ChuanNoh, Yong-Young

Article Issue Date2016-07 View4

Dereje, Mamo MelakuJi, DongseobKang. So-HueiYang, ChangdukNoh, Yong-Young

Article Issue Date2017-10 View6

Liu, AoZhu, HuihuiKim, Myung-GilKim, JunghwanNoh, Yong-Young

Article Issue Date2021-07 View3

Jung, A-RaNiketa-Yawson, BenjaminNoh, Yong-YoungKim, BongSoo

Conference Paper Issue Date2018-04-06 View3

An, YujinLong, Dang XuanKim, YihoNoh, Yong-YoungYang, Changduk

Article Issue Date2016-05 View3

Yang, ChangdukAn, YujinLong, Dang XuanKim, YihoLee, Sang MyeonKang, So-HueiCho, HyejinHan, DaheeNoh, Yong-Young

Conference Paper Issue Date2015-08-06 View4