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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2017-02A Study of Design Choices in Distributed Graph Processing FrameworksNam, Beomseok; Jung, DeokkyuMaster's thesis207
2012-03Analyzing design choices for distributed multidimensional indexingNam, Beomseok; Sussman, AlanARTICLE606
2018-03clfB-tree: Cacheline friendly persistent B-tree for NVRAMKim, Wook-Hee; Seo, Jihye; Kim, Jinwoong; Nam, BeomseokARTICLE390
2018-03Co-processing heterogeneous parallel index for multi-dimensional datasetsKim, Jinwoong; Nam, BeomseokARTICLE440
2015-09EM-KDE: A locality-aware job scheduling policy with distributed semantic cachesEom, Youngmoon; Hwang, Deukyeon; Lee, Junyong; Moon, Jonghwan; Shin, Minho; Nam, BeomseokARTICLE701
2017-08Exploiting Graphics Processing Units for Massively Parallel Multi-Dimensional IndexingNam, Beomseok; Kim, JinwoongDoctoral thesis363
2015-08Exploiting Massive Parallelism for Indexing Multi-dimensional Datasets on the GPUNam, Beomseok; Kim, Jinwoong; Jeong, Won-KiARTICLE845
2012-10High-throughput query scheduling with spatial clustering based on distributed exponential moving averageNam, Beomseok; Hwang, Deukyeon; Kim, Jinwoong; Shin, MinhoARTICLE650
2015-02Locality-Aware Fair Scheduling in the Distributed Query Processing FrameworkNam, Beomseok; Eom, YoungmoonMaster's thesis707
2017-02Minimizing Task Initialization Overhead of Hadoop via HDFS Block CoalescingNam, Beomseok; Kim, WonbaeMaster's thesis340
2015-09Multi-dimensional multiple query scheduling with distributed semantic caching frameworkEom, Youngmoon; Kim, Jinwoong; Nam, BeomseokARTICLE548
2010-05Multiple query scheduling for distributed semantic cachesNam, Beomseok; Shin, Minho; Andrade, Henrique; Sussman, AlanARTICLE535
2017-08NVB-tree: Failure-Atomic B+-tree for Persistent MemoryNam, Beomseok; Jin, KibeomMaster's thesis176
2015-02NVRAM Persistency 모델에 따른 In-Memory Key-Value 스토어 구현에 관한 서베이Kim, Wookhee; Baek, Woongki; Nam, BeomseokARTICLE1182
2013-08Parallel multi-dimensional range query processing with R-trees on GPUKim, Jinwoong; Kim, Sul-Gi; Nam, BeomseokARTICLE760
2018-02Persistent Database Buffer Caching and Logging with Slotted Page StructureNam, Beomseok; Seo, JihyeMaster's thesis215
2014-11Scalable and effective peer-to-peer desktop grid systemKim, Jik-Soo; Nam, Beomseok; Sussman, AlanARTICLE618
2017-02Selective Journaling for Resolving Journaling of Journal anomalyNam, Beomseok; Park, ByungeunMaster's thesis202
2008-05Trade-off in matching jobs and balancing load for distributed desktop gridsKim, Jik-Soo; Nam, Beomseok; Keleher, Peter; Marsh, Michael; Bhattacharjee, Bobby; Sussman, AlanARTICLE573
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19