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2004-08Activation through cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 on dendritic cells triggers NF-kappa B-dependent apoptosis: Novel role for endogenous and exogenous cannabinoids in immunoregulationDo, Yoonkyung; McKallip, RJ; Nagarkatti, M; Nagarkatti, PSARTICLE662
2004-09Bryostatin-1 enhances the maturation and antigen-presenting ability of murine and human dendritic cellsDo, Yoonkyung; Hegde, VL; Nagarkatti, PS; Nagarkatti, MARTICLE569
2004-09Bryostatin-1 in combination with calcium ionophore promotes the maturation of human umbilical cord-blood monocyte-derived dendritic cells capable of activating neonatal alloreactive T cellsDo, Yoonkyung; Mainali, E; Nagarkatti, PS; Nagarkatti, MARTICLE687
2001-05CD44-deficient mice exhibit enhanced hepatitis after concanavalin a injection: Evidence for involvement of CD44 in activation-induced cell deathChen, DW; McKallip, RJ; Zeytun, A; Do, Yoonkyung; Lombard, C; Robertson, JL; Mak, TW; Nagarkatti, PS; Nagarkatti, MARTICLE636
2003-11Combined deficiency in CD44 and Fas leads to exacerbation of lymphoproliferative and autoimmune diseaseDo, Yoonkyung; Rafi-Janajreh, AQ; Mckallip, RJ; Nagarkatti, PS; Nagarkatti, MARTICLE740
2001-05Evidence for estradiol-induced apoptosis and dysregulated T cell maturation in the thymusOkasha, SA; Ryu, S; Do, Yoonkyung; McKallip, RJ; Nagarkatti, M; Nagarkatti, PSARTICLE728
2002-09Role of CD44 in activation-induced cell death: CD44-deficient mice exhibit enhanced T cell response to conventional and superantigensMcKallip, RJ; Do, Yoonkyung; Fisher, MT; Robertson, JL; Nagarkatti, PS; Nagarkatti, MARTICLE645
2002-11Role of death receptor pathway in estradiol-induced T-cell apoptosis in vivoDo, Yoonkyung; Ryu, SH; Nagarkatti, M; Nagarkatti, PSARTICLE591
2003-10Targeted deletion of CD44v7 exon leads to decreased endothelial cell injury but not tumor cell killing mediated by interleukin-2-activated cytolytic lymphocytesMcKallip, RJ; Fisher, M; Do, Yoonkyung; Szakal, AK; Gunthert, U; Nagarkatti, PS; Nagarkatti, MARTICLE634
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9