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2015-04Characterization of graphene films grown on CuNi foil substratesTyagi, Parul; Robinson, Zachary R.; Munson, Andrew; Magnuson, Carl W.; Chen, Shanshan; McNeilan, James D.; Moore, Richard L.; Piner, Richard D.; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Ventrice, Carl A.ARTICLE743
2014-02Copper oxide as a "self-cleaning" substrate for graphene growthMagnuson, Carl W.; Kong, Xianghua; Ji, Hengxing; Tan, Cheng; Li, Huifeng; Piner, Richard; Ventrice, Carl A., Jr.; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE14
2013-09Graphene Synthesis via Magnetic Inductive Heating of Copper SubstratesPiner, Richard; Li, Huifeng; Kong, Xianghua; Tao, Li; Kholmanov, Iskandar N.; Ji, Hengxing; Lee, Wi Hyoung; Suk, Ji Won; Ye, Jongpil; Hao, Yufeng; Chen, Shanshan; Magnuson, Carl W.; Ismach, Ariel F.; Akinwande, Deji; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE15
2014-02Impact of contact and access resistances in graphene field-effect transistors on quartz substrates for radio frequency applicationsRamon, Michael E.; Movva, Hema C. P.; Chowdhury, Sk. Fahad; Parrish, Kristen N.; Rai, Amritesh; Magnuson, Carl W.; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Akinwande, Deji; Banerjee, Sanjay K.ARTICLE20
2015-05Optical, Electrical, and Electromechanical Properties of Hybrid Graphene/Carbon Nanotube FilmsKholmanov, Iskandar N.; Magnuson, Carl W.; Piner, Richard; Kim, Jin-Young; Aliev, Ali E.; Tan, Cheng; Kim, Tae Young; Zakhidov, Anvar A.; Sberveglieri, Giorgio; Baughman, Ray H.; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE769
2013-11The Role of Surface Oxygen in the Growth of Large Single-Crystal Graphene on CopperHao, Yufeng; Bharathi, M. S.; Wang, Lei; Liu, Yuanyue; Chen, Hua; Nie, Shu; Wang, Xiaohan; Chou, Harry; Tan, Cheng; Fallahazad, Babak; Ramanarayan, H.; Magnuson, Carl W.; Tutuc, Emanuel; Yakobson, Boris I.; McCarty, Kevin F.; Zhang, Yong-Wei; Kim, Philip; Hone, James; Colombo, Luigi; Ruoff, Rodney S.ARTICLE17
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6