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2012-02A large sample volume magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance probe for in situ investigations with constant flow of reactantsHu, Jian Zhi; Sears, Jesse A.; Mehta, Hardeep S.; Ford, Joseph J.; Kwak, Jahun; Zhu, Kake; Wang, Yong; Liu, Jun; Hoyt, David W.; Peden, Charles H. F.ARTICLE597
2009-07Characterization of Dispersed Heteropoly Acid on Mesoporous Zeolite Using Solid-State P-31 NMR Spin-Lattice RelaxationZhu, Kake; Hu, Jianzhi; She, Xiaoyan; Liu, Jun; Nie, Zimin; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H. F.; Kwak, JahunARTICLE474
2009-05Enhanced activity and stability of Pt catalysts on functionalized graphene sheets for electrocatalytic oxygen reductionKou, Rong; Shao, Yuyan; Wang, Donghai; Engelhard, Mark H.; Kwak, Jahun; Wang, Jun; Viswanathan, Vilayanur V.; Wang, Chongmin; Lin, Yuehe; Wang, Yong; Aksay, Ilhan A.; Liu, JunARTICLE467
2014-02Graphene Oxide Nanoribbon as Hole Extraction Layer to Enhance Efficiency and Stability of Polymer Solar CellsLiu, Jun; Kim, Gi-Hwan; Xue, Yuhua; Kim, Jin Young; Baek, Jong-Beom; Durstock, Michael; Dai, LimingARTICLE722
2012-01Highly Crystalline and Low Bandgap Donor Polymers for Efficient Polymer Solar CellsLiu, Jun; Choi, Hyosung; Kim, Jin Young; Bailey, Chris; Durstock, Michael; Dai, LimingARTICLE595
2008-10The influence of the electrochemical stressing (potential step and potential-static holding) on the degradation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell electrocatalystsShao, Yuyan; Kou, Rong; Wang, Jun; Viswanathan, Vilayanur V.; Kwak, Jahun; Liu, Jun; Wang, Yong; Lin, YueheARTICLE496
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6